One of the most talked about and debated issues in the United States is over health care. With Republicans trying to make Donald Trump's Health Care Bill a reality in the Senate, two high-profiled critics of the president are speaking out.

Trumpcare backlash

It was in January 2010 when then President Barack Obama fulfilled one of his major campaign promises and signed the Affordable Care Act (ACA) into law. Later given the nickname of "Obamacare," Obama's landmark piece of legislation became a partisan talking point, with Democrats sticking by the former commander in chief, and Republicans voting to repeal the law 60 times in Congress.

Following the Supreme Court upholding the ACA in 2012, tens of millions of Americans have been given access to health insurance for the first time. Despite this, the law is not without its negatives, with some complaining about rising premiums, and others begin forced to pay the tax penalty for not purchasing insurance. Fast forward to president day and Donald Trump and congressional Republicans are doing their best to push through the current president's plan which has received almost universal negative reviews. With debate heating up in Washington and the bill now sitting in the Senate, actor George Takei and author Stephen King continued their outspoken opposition to Trump and the GOP during a pair of tweets on June 24.

Taking to Twitter on Saturday was George Takei and Stephen King, as both critics of Donald Trump gave their thoughts on what is being known as "Trumpcare." "5 GOP Senators have come out against Senate #healthcarebill but we mustn't get complacent.

We must continue to #resist and defeat this bill," Takei wrote. Takei's tweet comes just two days after he made a similar point, writing, "While GOP Senators were in the dark, DC lobbyists helped write the Senate bill. That's not draining the swamp, Donald, that's overflowing it."

King's reaction

In addition to George Takei, Stephen King was quick and to the point when it came to lashing out at Donald Trump's health care plan.

"Republican health care bill boiled down to four words: you’re on your own," the author wrong.

Stephen King has been so vocal in his opposition to the former host of "The Apprentice" that he was actually blocked on Twitter by Donald Trump earlier this month.

While George Takei and King continue to use their popularity on social media to hit back at the GOP, it's been made clear that many Americans are not pleased with how Republicans are handling the future of health care.

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