In the age of Donald Trump, it's become commonplace for politics to dominate the airwaves, especially on cable news channels. While the friction usually takes place between liberals and conservatives, a battle between two right-wing voices took place on social media.

Hannity vs Coulter

It's been two years since Donald Trump kicked off his campaign for president while causing a media frenzy on the floor of Trump Tower in New York City. During the Republican primary, the former host of "The Apprentice" surprised many by quickly gaining in the polls and handling himself in a controversial manner, but with success, in the debates that would follow.

Fast forward over a year later and not only did Trump become the GOP nominee, but he was able to pull off one of the most shocking upsets by defeating Hillary Clinton in the general election. During and since that time, Trump faced daily backlash from his critics, though he did gain support from some high-profiled names in the conservative media. Two of Trump's most vocal supporters have been Fox News host Sean Hannity, and conservative author Ann Coulter. While Hannity has stood by Trump through thick and thin, Coulter has broken from her support at times, most notably over the president's decision to strike Syria, his latest health care proposal, and the lack of progress on a border wall. On Thursday, Coulter appeared on Hannity's program, but it was the Twitter war before and after the show that made news.

Leading up to her appearance on "Hannity" on Fox News, Ann Coulter sent out a tweet with a warning to the host. "If Sean cuts ONE WORD of my attack on Goldman Sachs, it will be a scandal," Coulter tweeted.

During her appearance, Coulter offered criticism for Trump, which was cut from the program for apparent time restraints. As expected, Coulter wasn't pleased.

Twitter battle

"As expected, Sean Hannity totally censored my answer on Donald Trump's 'rich man' remark (Goldman Sachs)," Ann Coulter tweeted out, before prompting her upcoming column.

"I have done more to help promote you and your books which I like over the years. No CONSPIRACY," Sean Hannity tweeted back, while informing Coulter that her remarks were only edited due to time restraints. Not stopping there, the Fox News host decided to elaborate further, calling out Coulter for her allegations against him.

"OK, Ann cut the BS.

You were the last guest," Sean Hannity wrote in a follow-up tweet, before adding, "I tried repeatedly to to get you to stay on time. U went over time." As of press time, Ann Coulter has not offered a response on social media.