As rumors continue to circulate over the future of Sean Spicer, the current White House press secretary has struggled to defend himself and the entire administration from constant criticism. With the pressure mounting, Stephen Colbert decided to have a little fun on Spicer's behalf.

Colbert on Spicer

Not long after Donald Trump shocked the world with his defeat of Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election, he started to assemble the team that would surround him in the White House. From advisers to cabinet members, most of Trump's selections and nominations came under fire from his critics and the majority of the mainstream media.

Lost in the shuffle was the selection of Sean Spicer as the new White House Press Secretary. Spicer had previously been a spokesman for the Republican National Committee and seemed as if he would be solid choice in the position. However, the last six months have been a rough road for Spicer, as he's often found himself backed into a corner having to defend the most controversial aspects of Trump's policies and rhetoric. Spicer's blunders reached a fever pitch earlier this year when "Saturday Night Live" tapped Melissa McCarthy to play a satirical version of the press secretary, receiving rave reviews in the process. After reports circulated over the weekend that Spicer could soon be out as the on-camera press secretary, the issue was highlighted during the June 20 edition of "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert."

During his opening monologue on Tuesday night, Stephen Colbert poked fun at Sean Spicer and the latest issue he's been having to face in regards to the search for his potential replacement.

"Reportedly, Sean Spicer has reached out to a short list of candidates, Fox News contributor Laura Ingraham and Daily Mail editor David Martosko," Colbert pointed out. "Both are excellent choices because when asked about the job by reporters, Laura Ingraham declined to comment and in a phone call, Martosko said 'I can't hear you,' and hung up," Colbert continued.

"Apparently the White House was considering rotating a cast of people at the podium in part to prevent the president from growing bored or angry at his press secretary," Stephen Colbert said, while citing a recent report in the Washington Post.

Colbert concluded his trolling of Sean Spicer playing a recent video where the press secretary told reporters that he would answer questions, and would be prepared to do so into the late night hours. "Yes, late at night he will answer all your questions on 'Spicer After Dark," Colbert said while mockery a satirical late-night talk show that could be hosted by Spicer.

Moving forward

As of press time, it's unclear what role Sean Spicer will hold in the administration moving forward. Reports have indicated that he could be promoted to run the entire communication team, which would see him out of the spotlight when it comes to dealing with reporters on a daily basis, though it's unknown when or if this will take place.