Amy Duggar King isn't one of the most well-known members of the family, but she is one of the more controversial ones. She has been in and out of the spotlight, getting criticized by fans of "19 Kids and Counting." Amy has been more wild than some of her cousins, often causing issues with her aunt and uncle. At one point, there were rumors that she was banned from hanging out with the Duggar girls.

Amy and Dillon have problmes

Both Amy Duggar King and dillon king appeared on "Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars" shortly after the two were married.

She revealed their biggest issue was communication. Editing from the show made their marriage look incredibly troubled and while she admitted there were issues, it wasn't nearly as bad as it was made out to be. A clip showed Amy talking about an incident where a man she was close to choked her. Fans immediately jumped to the conclusion it was her husband, though that was not the case. Her relationship with her father was tumultuous, and some of that directly relates to her marital issues.

According to Us Weekly, Amy Duggar King and Dillon King were part of a special that aired on TLC last night, "Amy & Dillon King: Married One Year." It chronicled their first year of marriage. The duo will celebrate their second wedding anniversary this September.

Rumors of a baby on board have been surrounding the couple for months. It is strange that a Duggar woman would go two years without getting pregnant, especially since they are taught a woman's job is to be readily available to satisfy her husband's needs. While there has been no baby news announced, fans are anticipating something big is coming soon.

Amy and her cousins are still close

Despite rumors to the contrary, Amy Duggar King and her cousins are still very close. She doesn't spend as much time with them as she did growing up, but she has attended the weddings and parties thrown by her aunt and uncle. Amy is related through Jim Bob Duggar as her mom is his sister.

She spent a lot of time around the family growing up and while she seems to have faith, she doesn't necessarily follow their strict rules. King has been accused of being a bad influence on her cousins, though she hasn't acted out like some may believe.

Right now, TLC has no plans to do more with Amy Duggar King. She got her one-hour special and for now, that is all she needs. As the rest of the Duggar clan's fame soars, she is getting back to her normal life.