"Spider-Man Homecoming" is set to release on July 7, 2017. Recently the film screened for its first press release, and the reactions are said to be overwhelmingly positive. Several critics have given a positive response while some state that the film is one of the best among the "Spider-Man" series.

It appears that the director John Watts has given his best effort for the Marvel / Sony production. After the screening, the response of the film on social media went viral. Critics have described the upcoming film to be sweet, very funny, smaller stakes but more relatable.

Some of the people stated that they got the feel of reading a Marvel comic book.

Tom Holland steals the show

Many people have wondered if Tom Holland would be the right actor for a "Spider-Man" series, it turns out that the 21-year-old star has just proved himself with his incredible performance. Critics have stated that the casting was perfect as Tom Holland done a fantastic job throughout the film.

The other stars cast in "Spider-Man Homecoming" including Academy Award-winner Marisa Tomei, Academy Award-nominee Michael Keaton, and Zendaya was also praised for their performance. Michael Keaton plays the villain in the film, and some have stated that this was one of his best appearances.

As for Tom Holland, "Spider-Man Homecoming" is his first stand-alone film.

Previously, the actor was cast in "Captain America: Civil War." He played a role alongside Tony Stark (Iron Man), it looks like Holland has climbed the ladder to success sooner than expected and he is already at the peak of his career.

Will Spider-Man Homecoming make a huge box office hit?

Based on the positive response, it seems that "Spider-Man Homecoming" will make a huge box office hit.

The editor-in-chief from the Collider Steven Weintraub stated that the film is full of surprises and it will make an insane box office hit.

Eric Davis the managing editor of Fandango made a statement saying "the film was so well written and all the comic timing is terrific. Maybe one of the best Marvel scripts." The upcoming film is believed to be a pure joy as most of the people at the screening seemed to have enjoyed the film.

As for Tom Holland, this is just the beginning of his career. The young Hollywood star still has a long road ahead, and it seems that this film has just set the pavement for him. Overall, every response has been positive and amazing for the upcoming Marvel series.