After much maneuvering and shuffling of intellectual properties, Marvel somehow managed to shoehorn in a Spider-Man movie for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Prior to this, Sony Entertainment exclusively had the rights to movies featuring our favorite web-slinger, but the two companies decided that Spidey should have its place in the MCU.

"Spider-Man: Homecoming" is about to fill the void after "Captain America: Civil War" briefly introduced us to Spidey's existence in the MCU. The movie will star Tom Holland as Spider-man, with some of the heroes in the Marvel roster appearing as well.

It has a healthy amount of hype, with some even saying that this is the Spider-Man movie that fans should have gotten years ago.

Now, many would think that this would be a continuing project; at least one that will last until the conclusion of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, producer Amy Pascal cast a shred of doubt on the hero's fans as to whether Spider-Man will last the Universe or not; let alone make a second movie.

An unprecedented event

As mentioned earlier, Sony has the rights to the movie, and according to Pascal, it is like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see two studios agreeing to make a movie together. Pascal said, "You don’t have studios deciding to work together to make a film very often.

In fact it may never happen again, after we do the sequel."

We can easily see how this could be seen as a dead end for Spidey's MCU appearances.

Producer's statements may just have been misinterpreted

However, according to, the producer's statements might have been misinterpreted. Director Jon Watts himself said that Pascal may not have meant her statement to be "apocalyptic." For the director, he saw it as Pascal's way of describing how surprising the whole Spider-man situation is.

"I think she was just trying to say what an unprecedented deal [it was] that Marvel and Sony teamed up,” the director said.

Meanwhile, it seems there is no reason Sony would not want to place our friendly neighborhood Spider-man in the MCU. On the internet, the hype is real, and fans profess that it is the Spider-man movie that they have been waiting for.

This is the third major movie franchise in which Spidey will be featured. The first was the series of films starring Tobey Maguire, and after that the "Amazing Spider-Man" duology starring Andrew Garfield. However, if critics are to be believed, it would seem that Spidey would be better off sticking with the Avengers for now.