Selena Gomez has reportedly agreed to decorate The Weeknd’s home while he’s on tour so that when he finally returns to Los Angeles, his place will feel cozier.

According to Hollywood Life, The Weeknd loves Selena’s style, especially her decor in her own home, having mentioned that the singer knows how to decorate better than him. In fact, he feels more at home being at her place than when he is at his house.

And now that the “Starboy” hitmaker is heading back on the road, he’s kindly asked Selena Gomez whether she would be up for the challenge to decorate his house similar to hers so that when he heads home, it will feel much more lively than before.

Selena Gomez excited for boyfriend to wrap world tour

Of course, this has also given fans the impression that Selena Gomez could potentially be moving in with her boyfriend of seven months, but at this given points, it’s too early to tell whether or not that will end up happening.

Right now, Selena is just relieved that she has something to do in order to occupy herself and not focus her attention on how much she misses being away from the 27-year-old while he’s on the road across the pond.

“The Weeknd asked Selena to help him decorate his place in LA during the expansion of his tour,” a source tells Hollywood Life. “He loves her style and has told her to do whatever she thinks will look good. And, he’ll foot the bill.”

News of Selena Gomez decorating her boyfriend’s home comes just days after reports claimed that The Weeknd supposedly can’t wait to wrap up his four-month extension tour to finally spend some quality time with his girlfriend.

Selena Gomez is gearing the release of her forthcoming album

The couple has reportedly been dating since January, which was right around the time the “Secrets” star started rehearsing for his tour. So, once he finally concludes all of his commitments with the concerts in December, the only thing he will want to do is be with Selena Gomez, sources affirm, and the singer can’t wait for that day to finally arrive.

While decorating her man’s house, Selena Gomez is also said to be finishing up her forthcoming album, which she is planning to release before the year’s end. This could evidently mean that if the record drops in the following months, a tour will evidently be expected by next summer, giving Selena and her beau enough time to share some alone time with one another.

"Bad Liar," Gomez's latest single, can now be purchased on iTunes.