If there's something in common with ordinary individuals and celebrities, it would have to be the phases that they go through after a breakup. Such is the case of Bella Hadid and The Weeknd, who broke up a few months ago. According to reports, Bella Hadid was the most affected with the breakup, as she was really caught off guard with the finality of her separation with The Weeknd. The 20-year-old model reportedly believed that they were still going to fix things between them and get back together. However, the wind blew in a different direction, and the "Star Boy" singer became Selena Gomez's newest boyfriend.

When Selena Gomez and The Weeknd decided to make their new relationship Instagram official, fans noticed that Bella Hadid and her squad began posting several photos on their social media accounts that seemed to throw Shade at the "Kill 'Em With Kindness" singer. It's a good thing that Selena Gomez seemed to just shrug it all off, and she continued to post a lot of lovey dovey posts on her social media accounts.

The great unfollowing

When Selena Gomez and The Weeknd made their relationship Instagram official, it was noted to be the same time when the fashion model unfollowed the latter. Fans of the Tommy Hilfiger model believed that it was her way of giving closure and moving on from the failed relationship.

Months after her breakup with The Weeknd, it appears that Bella Hadid is doing well in her career, accepting different endorsements and modeling projects left and right. Occasionally, the paparazzi catches her on a date with a new guy, but the Victoria's Secret model seems to be taking her time before entering into a new relationship.

Was the double-tap intentional or an accident?

By now, fans believe that Bella Hadid has pretty much moved on from The Weeknd. However, recent reports revealed that the fashion model liked a photo of The Weeknd on Instagram. To make it clear, Bella Hadid didn't like a photo posted by The Weeknd himself.

According to US Weekly, Bella Hadid liked a photo posted on Instagram by The Shade Room, featuring The Weeknd's Forbes cover.

The double-tap sent the fans into a frenzy, and the comments section of the said photo were flooded with fans making a big deal of the purportedly subtle show of support.

However, many were not convinced that Bella Hadid did it on purpose and, like most people who use Instagram, may have just accidentally double-tapped the photo. Another thing that made Bella Hadid's Instagram activity more intriguing was when she unliked the said photo that she originally liked. Nevertheless, eagle-eyed fans already took screenshots, making it impossible for the model to deny her Instagram activity.