Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber were a couple from 2009 until 2015. Fans quickly fell for the celebrity couple and dubbed them "Jelena." Selena and Justin have since moved on and gone on to date other people. However, fans are still desperate for more. When a duet between the pair was released, fans were over the moon.

'Can't Steal Our Love' was recorded pre-breakup

The duet titled "Can't Steal Our Love" was leaked online on June 24 and fans have been blowing up social media. The song was released on the media platform SoundCloud. There has been much speculation about what this means for the pair's relationship.

It's clear that some "Jelena" fans are dying for them to get back together.

According to The Style, the song was recorded previous to Selena and Justin's final breakup giving it a new layer of meaning. The lyrics are an autobiographical account of the pair's relationship with such lines as "I'm tired of the fight cause I'm never right" and "I just wanna cry, no." The song is about two people trying desperately to save their relationship. Unfortunately, the pair fails to realize this in real life and break up as a consequence.

Justin's part in the duet is a strange mumbling or humming leading to the belief that the song was only a demo version. This could mean that there is a fully produced version of the song out there. This is not the first Selena and Justin duet.

In 2015 their duet "Strong" was leaked.

Fans have reacted strongly to the leaked song

Fans of both Selena and Justin have reacted strongly on social media to the leaked song. Some have been posting pictures of the pair when they were a couple with such comments as "and they can't steal our love." Other comments from fans have criticized Justin's part in the song.

Fans have claimed that he sounds garbled and are not impressed by Justin's efforts in "Can't Steal Our Love."

Fans are hoping the pair will reunite. Many took the celebrities break up hard. It doesn't help that over the past few years Selena and Justin have been spotted together on occasion. However, now that Selena is with the Weeknd its extremely unlikely that the pair will be getting together anytime soon.

There has been no confirmation as to whether the vocals are Selena and Justin's. There has been no comment from the artists or from their representatives. The song has since been removed, but everyone knows, once somethings on the internet it can be found.

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