There is no doubt that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart made a great legacy after they portrayed the role of Bella and Edward in the hit movie “Twilight.” The two became popular real time as fans couldn’t help but be updated of their career and even their personal lives.

However, all came to a close when the two decided to part ways last 2013. Their career fluctuated easily as viewers were really disappointed with their decision. And with that, reports claiming that the two may reunite once again easily spread online. Will this reunion save their failing careers?

Is it really possible?

Stewart and Pattinson’s Twilight reboot

As per Celebeat, rumors suggest that the former couple already decided to help each other in regaining their fame and fortune once again. It was told that after Stewart and Pattinson’s break-up, the two couldn't find a suiting role in any Hollywood projects given to them, which is why the former couple are in great hopes that their reunion could bring back their fans’ admiration and loyalty just like before.

Robert Pattinson willingness to reprise his role

It was told that the “Twilight” reboot was very easy to produce because of the fans craving for another installment of the said film, which is why the chances of making it possible are really huge.

Not just that, Pattinson also admitted that he is prepared to reprise his famous role once again. However, the creator of the film is not yet confirming nor denying the probable existence of the reboot real soon.

With that, fans are greatly hoping that they would see Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart getting real romantic even it is just on-screen.

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Also, experts suggest that fans should take every report regarding the reboot as light as possible because nothing has ever been confirmed yet.

Pattinson’s real attitude and behavior

Meanwhile, Robert Pattinson just revealed in an interview that he was almost kicked out from “Twilight” after arguing with almost everyone on the set.

He told that the fan’s perception of his behavior and manner are really wrong as he can be a beast sometimes. As he stated: "I didn't have to kiss anybody's [butt] the entire time. I don't think I did, anyway,"

The actor even told that he went into an intense fight with some of the film’s agents, which is why “Twilight” is really memorable for him. Other than that, the Hollywood star is seemingly regretful of the things that he has done before so as his attitude is a concern.