Fans are still waiting for the official release of Rick and Mortyseason 3. Although the animated series’ first episode has been revealed, it is still a big question when its remaining chapters will be seen on the small screen.

Many theories and assumptions are now swirling why the show is not yet hitting the television screens. Hence, its creator Dan Harmon now addressed the issues to stop all the bad beliefs on why the show is yet to be seen.

The real reason for the show’s delay

In a series of Twitter posts, Dan Harmon addressed all the issues “Rick and Morty” Season 3 are facing.

The 44-year-old writer cleared that he and the show’s co-creator and star Justin Roiland don't have any conflict.

The real reason for the delay is they are taking a long time writing and finishing the animated series’ story.

As a matter of fact, they feel sorry for fans who have been waiting for the show's release for too long. He then explained what happened because it is something less dramatic than what fans think of. Viewers of the show believe that there’s a bigger cause why it is not yet airing. He, too, is often blamed on the internet.

However, for him, the real reason is just simple. “The reason S3 took long is that it took long [sic] to write,” he revealed. He then said that they are quite scared of making the new chapter much worse than its two previous seasons. Thus they are doing their best to make it more interesting.

The stop to their alleged fighting

Dan Harmon also talked about the alleged conflict he and Justin Roiland has. In fact, more and more bad articles about their "so-called" fight are now emerging.

The voice actor denied the claim, saying it is “not true even in the slightest.” If ever he and the 37-year-old animator are having a feud, they would definitely have a hard time to hide it to the public.

In fact, they might be too eager to share it with everyone. If the fight is indeed real, it will never be a reason for the show’s delay. He even thinks that fighting is a good idea to speed up “Rick and Morty” Season 3’s release.

Dan Harmon then pleaded to stop all the “irresponsible speculation” about the animated series’ future. He confessed that he feels sad to think that a kid can read the “click bait” stories about the show’s cancellation after being a fan for a long time.

He then bragged that he loves the show as it is the only one program that he has been part of that reached a vast array of audiences. So, he blames the Iinternet for blowing everything up.

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