Howdy, "Rick and Morty" fandom! Anybody who follows "Rick and Morty" is already aware of the fact that these two beloved maniacs travel through dimensions like it’s a piece of cake. Aside from saving the world and getting caught amidst bizarre adventures, world hopping is what these fellas do best. Cup of tea, amirite?

Speaking of interdimensional world hopping, there is this particular world that the duo did visit which a lot of you might have missed. But don’t worry, because you’re about to find out.

And that’s the way the news goes!

The incredibly articulate and oddly satisfying couch gag happens when "Rick and Morty" decide to stop by Springfield.

Behold the collision of two worlds of epic proportions, "Rick and Morty" and "The Simpsons."

This couch gag was used in "The Simpsons" episode 74 titled “Mathlete’s Feat.” The episode was written by Michael Price, with Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland as writers of the gag. The original air date of this episode was on the 17th of May, 2015. The gag lasts 2 minutes and 23 seconds, making it the longest to have ever aired in the entire series. Also, this was the first time "The Simpsons" had crossed over with "Rick and Morty."

So, what’s the plot like?

To anybody who is familiar with the show, the Simpsons all rush home to sit on their couch and watch the television.

Seems like a regular old day when suddenly a space saucer crashed through the wall into the house. In moments, the Simpsons are melted to yellow goo. "Rick and Morty" then get off the space saucer, with Morty going bonkers over what had happened. As ever, Rick blames the accident/disaster on Morty, and poor Morty is terrified not knowing what to do and says he’s too young to go to jail.

Rick, who always has the answer to everything, scoops up some of the yellow gooey remains of the Simpsons family in a vial and hands it over to Morty, along with their family portrait. He then opens a portal with his trusty portal gun, hands Morty an address and asks him to go to the location.

Rick says that if taken to the address, new Simpsons will be made.

Morty is reluctant and asks Rick why he is the one who should go, to which Rick says that someone has to stay back and clean up the mess before some snooping neighbor arrives. Morty then steps into the portal and heads over to the address and does exactly as Rick instructed him to do. Back at the house of the Simpsons, Rick helps himself with a donut and some beer. Unimpressed with the Duff beer, he adds some of his own alcohol to it. He also heads over to their bedroom and tries on Marge’s necklace.

Meanwhile, in the alternate dimension where Morty is, the alien in charge of making the clones pours the yellow goo into a copying machine into which he also scans the family portrait. He then takes the extracted stuff and injects it into a large hippo-like creature with four eyes and a long snout.

Back to the house of the Simpsons, Ned Flanders pays a surprise visit and notices the mess. Before he could comment on it, Rick shoots him with a freeze gun and plays Lisa Simpson’s saxophone. Morty witnesses the large creature eject eggs out of its snout collects them and gets back to Rick.

Rick proceeds to put the eggs on the couch and increases the thermostat settings for them to hatch. As the eggs hatch, the new Simpsons emerge as mutated versions of Rick. Rick then tips Morty asking him never to clean DNA vials with his saliva, following which they proceed to get back into their space saucer and skedaddle

Mutated Bart Simpson ends the gag by breaking the fourth wall, and goes on to say “No more guest animators, man!


Wrapping up the insanity, for now

This, by far, has got to be the most fun crossover couch gag of all time and is sure to send your funny bones on overdrive. With a lot more of "Rick and Morty" yet to be released, we would be glad as hell to see animators work together and deliver quality entertainment such as this, which will be spoken about for eons to come.