"Return To Amish" star Sabrina Burkholder has been released from jail after being held for ten days on charges related to drugs. But her post on social media made people think that she's under the influence again.

Sabrina posed topless

Sabrina posted a photo of herself, which looked like she's not wearing a shirt. She captioned it, "Teach me everything you know." It made fans to comment that they hope Sabrina was not using drugs again, thinking about her two daughters.

Sabrina said she never take sexy photos and she is not going to apologize for the picture she posted.

She added that she's just feeling pretty again, and yet people are quick to accuse her of being under the influence of a substance.

As it turned out, the reality star has her shirt on, only that her hair covered the straps. She defended that she currently has smooth, healthy skin, which she is proud of. She added that her face looked puffy because she had been crying all day when she discovered that her friend, Billy, had died while she was locked up.

Sabrina hasn't seen children

With Sabrina's relapse, fans have been wondering about her custody battle to get her two daughters back. On her Facebook, Sabrina shared that she has not seen Oakley, three years old, for about a year now, and baby Arianna Grace, six months old, since a week after giving birth to her.

Nonetheless, she's happy to share that the children are doing good. They are under the custody of her sister-in-law.

When Sabrina got into jail, her caseworker from Children and Youth Services sent her photos of her two little kids. It makes her sad that she had to go to jail just to see her daughters, but added that she is beyond grateful finally to see them even not in person.

She was also told that her sister-in-law wants to work with her so she can get her daughters back because she believes it is important. But Sabrina has to stay clean.

Sabrina shared that this gives her a new goal because part of her relapse was because she felt that she does not have any purpose in life anymore. With the prospect of getting back her daughters, she has a new resolve to remain clean.

In recent episode of "Return to Amish" Season 4, Sabrina was featured going to a hearing on the custody of Oakley and Arianna. The court decided to take away her children from her as she still has to work on getting out of trouble. Until then, they believe the two kids are not safe under the care of their mother.

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