With "Game of Thrones" Season 7 coming out July 16, there are a lot of rumors and potential spoilers swirling about. However, if you want to know what has happened in the past few seasons to get caught up then keep reading.

Recap of what has happened with Daenerys

Daenerys Targaryen (commonly known as Dany) has been in Essos since the first episode but we now know she is on her way to Westeros to reclaim the Seven Kingdoms. Before she set off, she invaded the three city-states of Slaver's bay - Astapor, Yunkai, and Meereen. With her army of Unsullied, she took the cities and liberated the slaves becoming Mhysa (Mother) and Queen of Meereen.

Despite her swift conquest of the cities, Dany struggles to maintain control losing both Yunkai and Astapor back to the slavers. She also can no longer control her dragons; Drogon burns a child while hunting for food and has flown away, so Dany chooses to chain Rhaegal and Viserion under the city of Meereen. Finally, it is revealed to Dany that Ser Jorah, her most trusted adviser, had spied on her for King Robert, who she blames for her family's murder. Despite Jorah's desperate begging for her forgiveness Dany banishes him from Meereen.

As Meereen continues to grow more unstable, Jorah captures Tyrion in Volantis and sets back to Meereen to win Dany back with his gift. Along the way Tyrion figures out what happened to Jorah and they are set upon by the Stone Men.

Jorah rescues Tyrion but he contracts the deadly Greyscale. Without their boat Tyrion and Jorah are forced to walk to Meereen and are captured by a slave master. In their first fight Jorah discovers Dany in attendance and reveals himself and offers Tyrion as a gift to win Dany's forgiveness. Dany refuses to forgive Jorah but accepts Tyrion as an adviser due to his knowledge of Westeros and political background.

Jorah returns to his slavemaster and convinces him to keep him and allow him to fight in the great fighting pit in front of Dany. Varys also makes it to Meereen, which is where he and Tyrion were originally headed, and assists with keeping the peace in Meereen. However, the tension continues to build resulting in the Sons of the Harpy attacking everyone at the great fighting pit.

Jorah has narrowly bested all the combatants in the fighting pit when a Son of the Harpy attempts to assassinate Dany. Jorah reveals himself and throws his spear at Dany who ducks out of the way and the spear kills the assassin. Most of the crowd then reveal themselves to be Sons of the Harpy and they begin killing everyone in their path. Dany and her advisers, joined by Jorah, end up surrounded by the attackers when Drogon returns to protect Dany. Dany mounts Drogon who proceeds to kill and scare off the assailants and then flies away with her.

Drogon takes Dany to the Dothraki sea, where he was born, and Dany is captured by a Dothraki khalasar and taken to their capital Vaes Dothrak. Meanwhile, back in Meereen, Jorah's loyalties are still in question when deciding who is to go and find Dany.

The decision is made that Tyrion will stay and rule in Dany's place, since he is the only one with political experience, and Grey Worm will stay to command the Unsullied, leaving Jorah and Daario to track down Dany.

Jorah and Daario discover that she was taken by the Khalasar and they go to Vaes Dothrak to get her back. In the capital, they find her and she enlists them in her plan to take control of the Dothraki. The Khals are in the temple of Dosh Khaleen discussing what to do with Dany when she enters and has Daario and Jorah block the doors behind her. After conversing with the Khals, she pushes down the braziers inside the temple setting it ablaze and burning all the Khals alive. Dany exits the burning building unburnt and the Khalasar bows before her, along with Jorah and Daario.

Dany is amazed that Jorah continues to return after she banished him and each time he saved her life. She finally forgives Jorah but he reveals his Greyscale and says that he must leave and take his life before he becomes a stone man. Dany feels responsible for his condition and instead directs him to find a cure so he can be by her side when she sits on the Iron Throne.

Dany returns to Meereen, which is under siege by the slave masters of Astapor, Yunkai, and Volantis and their fleets. Tyrion advises diplomacy so they meet the slavers for terms of surrender, the slavers assume Dany is surrendering and gives her terms but she rejects them informing them they are the ones surrendering. The slavers are amused by Dany's confidence until Drogon lands beside her and she mounts him proceeding to destroy the fleet while Viserion and Rhaegar break free from their chains and leave the catacombs joining the assault.

Afterwards, Dany meets with Yara and Theon to discuss an alliance in exchange for their ships. Yara asks for Dany's help in defeating their uncle Euron and requests Dany to recognize the Iron Islands as independent; Dany requests that they stop raiding the mainland. Yara is skeptical of the request but Dany offers that their fathers left things worse then they found it, but they would leave the world better than they found it and Yara agrees to the pact. Dany leaves Daario to maintain control in Meereen while they choose a leader, but also so that she can still use marriage for alliances.

Tyrion consoles Dany after leaving Daario but she says it did not upset her but rather she was bothered by how easily she left him. Dany changes the conversation to discuss Tyrion's rule, but he replies that he had lost faith in himself or anything but he had faith in her.

Dany is touched and reveals a brooch for Hand of the Queen, which Tyrion, visibly emotional, bows to accept. Later, Dany stands on the flagship of her new fleet with Tyrion, Missandei, and Varys alongside her and her dragons circling overhead and finally headed to retake her home.

What could happen in season 7

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