Outlanderseason 3 is about to make its return on the small screen in about three months. Fans are now excited to see the reunion of their much-loved couple, Claire Fraser (Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan), but it might take a little while before this scene will be finally revealed.

The couple will be separated for a long while as she returns to her first husband Frank Randall (Tobias Menzies) before the Battle of Culloden. Here, she will be trying to protect her baby with Jamie, who is going to fight with his fellow countrymen but will surely survive.

A long wait before the much-awaited reunion

After 20 years, Claire will find out that Jamie survived the battle. To recall, at the end of the show’s previous season, she told her now grown up daughter Brianna (Sophie Skelton) that they have to return and look for her father. From here, things will be hard for the pair before they get finally reunited.

"We're going to keep them apart for a while," the show’s executive producer Ron Moore told TVGuide at the ATX Television Festival in Austin. Claire and Jamie’s separation will be based on Diana Gabaldon’s third novel, “Voyager,” which the third chapter is based. However, the EP revealed that they are about to change some structure of the story and this doesn’t include the reunion of the separated couple.

"The majority of the major events are in the season,” Ron Moore said. But, they are about to do things in different order and show them rather differently. He even explained that “Voyager” has a clean story while the second novel, “Dragonfly in Amber,” is quite complicated. Nevertheless, the narrative will still follow Jamie’s storyline first then Claire will catch up.

Claire’s journey to find Jamie

Moreover, the beginning of “Outlander” Season 3 will feature more of Claire’s story with Frank in Boston. Ron Moore revealed that they wanted to feature what is Claire’s life in those 20 years that she has been away from Jamie. In spite of this, fans don’t have to worry as he teased that they have arranged new season’s storyline for them to experience both of the couple’s lives at the same time.

Fortunately, Brianna and Roger (Richard Rankin) will do their best to help her find her way back to Jamie by figuring out what the latter is doing in Scotland after the bloody Battle of Culloden. This, too, will pave the way for the young pair to be closer together.

“Outlander” Season 3’s first episode will be revealed in September on Starz.