Fans have been long waiting for the return of “Outlander” Season 3 on the small screen. Although people behind the television series have been tight-lipped about the show’s details, its stars have been giving little teasers of what are going to happen. In fact, even Diana Gabaldon, author of “Voyager” which the third installment is based, revealed what the cast is going through, especially Sam Heughan, who plays the role of Jamie Fraser. And speaking of Fraser, Caitriona Balfe, who portrays Claire Fraser, also gave some juicy details about the two favorite characters’ relationship.

Balfe reveals Claire and Jamie’s love scenes

Balfe perfectly knows that the wait for “Outlander” Season 3 is incredibly real. In fact, she said sorry to the show’s fans as the droughtlander has been longer than what people thought. However, she promised that long wait will be very worth it. Although the 37-year-old is trying not to spill the beans, she revealed (via Daily Record) that the much-awaited reunion of Claire and Jamie will be pretty hot and intense. Fans have to brace themselves as they are about to witness love scenes just like what the on-screen couple did in the show’s first season.

“I think this season is going to be really interesting,” Balfe said. She also believes that the show is going to look so new again.

She explained that they have been changing the show’s story every new season to deliver something new and unexpected. To recall, in the second season of the television drama series, they did something different when they went to Paris. “This season, we start off with a little bit of a separate storyline,” the “Money Monster” star revealed.

As they all find it funny, they are also hoping that it will make their fans happy as well.

Aside from the “great reunion happening,” the cast also films in South Africa, although in the book the original location is in Jamaica. “But there are old ships involved,” she cleared. There are also new and exciting adventures that continuously evolving.

Heughan got literally seasick

Meanwhile, speaking of ships, Gabaldon revealed that Heughan got seasick on the ship although they were not at the real sea. The 65-year-old novelist described that on the set, they have full-sized ships with hydraulics that make them look real.

The 37-year-old actor has to do a sequence that he needed to throw up, thus he has to pretend he is really seasick. While holding his script, he seemed really getting sick as he narrated that people on the set gave him green colored egg whites added with the vanilla essence that he had to hold in his mouth until the said scene happened. As they had to film that particular sequence over and over again, he literally got sick and cursed his life.