The fans already know that "Once Upon a Time" has been renewed for a seventh season, and several spoilers have been released. However, what fans were suspecting from the finale of season 6 has been confirmed from the executive producer Adam Horowitz; adult Henry mills (which will be played by Andrew J. West) does have a daughter named Lucy, but does not remember her existence. The question remains for the fans as to why Henry Mills does not remember having a daughter?

Henry Mills has a daughter now

The season 6 finale of "Once Upon a Time" gave the fans, a tiny glimpse of what to expect about the plot line of the upcoming season 7.

In the last seconds of the finale, fans see a 7-10 years old girl, named Lucy, that shows up unannounced and obviously unexpectedly, and claims to be Henry Mills' daughter (her character will be portrayed by Alison Fernandez). Upon meeting her father, she insists that his family needs him immediately. In some previous moments, we were presented with a mysterious storyline of a girl running away, and her father urging her to protect herself and the book; and these glimpses prepared the story arch of an entire season.

What to look forward to in the next season?

The executive producer, Adam Horowitz, spoke about the situation and announced that all these questions will not remain unanswered. The "Once Upon a Time" showrunner promised that why Henry has no recollection of being a father would surely be addressed.

Henry and Lucy's mother will be the next true love story to look forward to (although it will be difficult to match it up with the one of Captain Swan, and Snow and Charming). He also stated that the story will take a different turn then how the show itself started. Emma Swan did remember having a child, so the story line focused on the tension between her and the abandonment feelings of young Henry.

Another issue that will arise is that all the series regulars that will be returning, Hook, Rumple, and Regina, will not have aged a day while Henry is all grown up. The reason for this alteration in appearance seems to be another curse. This season will focus on an alternate reality where the fairy tale characters will have altered identities, and will not know who they are in the real world.

The amazing and goose bump-inducing inducing parallel that you saw in the last seconds of the season 6 finale, was intentional; however, it will not be just the same story line but with a switch up to adult Henry. The rest of the details is being kept under wraps, and not any teasers have been revealed just yet. We look forward to finding out how this amazing cliffhanger turns out.