Yesterday, the new episode of Orphan Black's final season aired. This marks the third episode of season five, and it's titled "Beneath Her Heart".

In this episode, Alison's arc is further expanded on.

(Spoiler Warning: Season 5 spoilers ahead.)

Beneath Alison's heart

After the shocking death of M.K (also known as Mika) in the second episode, Sarah and her family hold an informal funeral service at Felix's apartment -- where she was murdered by Ferdinand -- with Donnie and Alison joining the service via Skype.

In this episode, via a flashback scene, we see Alison and Cosima interacting with each other for the first time.

Later, Alison meets Rachel for the first time -- a reunion that many fans have been anticipating.

This episode was mostly focused on the Hendrix family. We see Alison questioning the role she has among her 'sestras'.It seems that each clone but her has a part to play. Alison who's not one to back down, and who's known for her fierce and strict attitude, is visibly struggling to balance it all, this leads her to question her worth and the position she holds in every aspect of her life. At the end of the episode her arc takes a surprising turn, she tells Donnie she needs time and space to find herself -- she'll take a break and will go away for a while to spend time with their kids.

But before she decides to leave, Alison steps up to defend her 'sestras', finally taking a stand against Rachel.The secrets she has been holding on to all come to light, finally freeing her. She tells Rachel about Leekie's death, making her tell the police to shut down the investigation at her house.

We see once again that when Donnie and Alison come together, they are a fierce team.

In this chapter, they guarded the secret of Helena's hiding very well without revealing it to anyone.

As usual, when the Hendrixes are featured the scenes take a comedic turn, and this episode is no exception. All the twists and turns of the episode are intermingled with the family participating in their church's Fall Fun Fair.

During the event, there's a hilarious scene of Donnie dancing in a Scottish Highland dress, and then falling in front of everyone.

As for Sarah and the rest of the gang...we see that Kira keeps visiting Dyad and Auntie Rachel to get more tests done. While, her mom, Felix, and Art come to aid the Hendrixes.

This episode ended with a glimpse of a very pregnant Helena at her hiding place -- which it's still a mystery for now. From what we saw of her, it looks like she could be staying at a convent. Could she be hiding back at the place where she grew up? Or did she decide to look for a place that felt familiar?

Next week's episode

As seen in the promo for the next episode, it looks like next week we will go back to Cosima's arc on the island and the mysteries surrounding the Revival community. What is Cosima going to discover? Will we finally find out what the woods are hiding?

Meanwhile, Sarah and Mrs. S find a lead and start making another plan to recover their freedom. Hopefully, this time around they'll succeed.

On the other hand, Felix's biological sister Adele is back next week for more shenanigans.

The following episode will air next Saturday, and will be titled "Let The Children And Childbearers Toil". You can watch it on BBC America and/or Netflix on July 1st.

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