"Orange Is The New Black" Season 5 is back on track and it is all geared up to continue the emotional cliffhanger that left the viewers on a string in the finale of season 4. Showrunners have chosen to drag on with the prison uprising plot, making everyone in the series a bit stir-crazy. Viewers of "OITNB" know that from season 1, the rich backstory and personality of each character makes an important part of the series. That said, Poussey's death has affected a lot of characters and it is expected to have a major impact on the destiny of the inmates that were left behind.

In the first few episodes of season 5, a collective feeling of grief and anger will make up the major theme.

Riots inside the prison cells is expected to transpire in "Orange Is The New Black" season 5. The uprising turns the series upside down, as prison guards become manipulated by feisty inmates. Indignity, immorality, and abuse are the central theme in the first few episodes, which is meant to clearly set an atmosphere of sheer and utter chaos.

Rampant hostage scenarios

According to "OITNB" season 5 spoilers, there will be some hostage scenarios that will bring a mix of terror and comedy in the series. A sense of terror is expected in hostage scenarios but for the comedy component, the hostage-takers' demands are reportedly mixed with some tedious and somewhat ridiculous requests that are expected to elicit a few snickers and smirks from the viewers.

That said, a hostage scenario is still a hostage scenario, and it will certainly demoralize the jail guards and other authorities who have been manipulated by the inmates. Spoilers also reveal that a few key relationships will be having major changes and developments in the upcoming episodes.

The love story of Piper and Alex

Amid the hostage crisis scenario, the love story of some key characters will also be highlighted in "Orange Is The New Black" season 5.

One of the key couples in the series involve Piper and Alex, and according to "OITNB" spoilers, their relationship will have a major plot twist in upcoming episodes.

Piper is considered to be a key character in the series, giving the viewers a perspective on what prison is like in the eyes of a person who has never been in one.

That said, Piper's relationship with people inside the prison is considered to be an important part of the flow of the story. In "Orange Is The New Black" season 5, Piper's relationship with Alex will be put to the test and may even involve a third party.