"One Love Manchester" concert is one of the most successful and biggest single gathering of music stars this year. Brilliant stars lined up for the benefit concert that sought to be dedicated to 22 people who were killed and 116 injured victims during the Manchester bombing.

Her fellow music stars joined Ariana Grande and all of them vowed to be resilient and to face the fears of terrorism. The concert was graced by music performers like Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Black Eyed Peas, Katy Perry, Robbie Williams, Take That, and Little Mix.

Grande performs with children

"One Love Manchester" event made everyone emotional as the music stars started their performance. Most of the fans were in tears as they flocked to the Old Trafford cricket ground for the show. In one of the most emotional moments, Grande was joined by school children in one of her performances.

These children were coming from the local school of Manchester, and some of them were at the targeted area during the Manchester concert. Grande performed the song "My Everything," which is one of her hit albums.

Despite the terrorist attack which happened 24 hours before the event, the concert was indeed a success. Security measures were tightened up. Police warned everyone to cooperate with the authorities and that everyone would be searched before they'll enter the concert ground.

Meanwhile, amid the tension, security guards and police officers lightened up the atmosphere as they danced in music together with the fans.

Fans overcome the fear

The said Charity Concert will benefit the families of the victims, and it will be donated to the Red Cross fund in the UK. Thousands of fans attended it and apparently, all of them vowed to overcome the fear of terrorism.

One of the fans named Rachel Jea is among those who attended Grande's first concert.

Despite the explosion which killed lots of concert attendees, she still felt the need to participate in the big event on Sunday in order to regain the confidence and trust that was lost during the bombing. Her daughter has also told others not to be afraid.

Rachel added that everyone must try to find a way to overcome fear. For her, it was not Grande's fault at all, and she was happy to see her performed again.

The concert event has sold 35,000 tickets after it was put up on sale on Thursday for £40. Meanwhile, those who attended the Grande's show on May 22 were also offered free admission to the Sunday's big event.