In the latest teaser trailer of “The Mummy,” Tom Cruise has trouble with his weapons, birds, and planes. It seems that Sofia Boutella has created a mess for him, trying to destroy the humanity. The blockbuster summer season is marching forward.

A lot of films released in May 2017, but only “Wonder Woman” has managed to gross up to $100 million in its opening weekend. “Baywatch,” on the other hand, has received negative comments from critics and audiences. And now we look forward to “The Mummy,” featuring Sofia Boutella and Tom Cruise in leading characters.

The film is set to release on June 9, 2017; hopefully, it will come up the expectations of Hollywood fans and prove critics wrong who say that the new film won’t do better business than the original.

Lots of action sequences

No doubt, “The Mummy” has lots of action sequences. It is a complete pack of horror, suspense, romance, and thrill, and that’s evident from the recent clip. At a glimpse, we feel that Sofia has set some plans to fight against Tom.

Boutella will surely give tough competition to the film hero as she wants to destroy the humanity, becoming the only ruler in the world. It seems that “The Mummy” is meant to kick off Universal Pictures’ ambitious plans to develop a “Dark Universe” film.

If it does great business at the box office, the studio may quit on “Dark Universe” and begin production of another sequel.

Watch the clips when you’re free

Most recently, “The Mummy” got lots of teaser trailers and posters; it means you can watch all of its clips on official YouTube whenever you have spare time. Its latest clip has been loaded with action scenes.

It seems that this has been taken from the beginning of the film as Tom Cruise introduces himself as a scientist. Previously, we saw Jake Johnson playing a similar character in “Jurassic World.”

The very next moment, Tom meets Dr. Jekyll (a scientist played by Russell Crowe). In this trailer, he is shown to be learning the secrets of monsters’ world which is being ruled by Sofia Boutella.

She is back to life as “The Mummy,” and will create a lot of problems for Tom and his team members.

So, it’s not easy for them to destroy the group of monsters. They got supernatural powers, and the ability to kill human beings in a significant number. How will Tom Cruise manage to defeat Sofia Boutella and her group of monsters? If you want to know the answer, head to a theater near you on June 9.