Universal dropped a new trailer of “The Mummy” that gave a glimpse of the movie’s darker theme. The teaser showed more of Sofia Boutella’s character as the deceased Egyptian princess along with Tom Cruise’s endless running.

Sofia plays the role of the evil mummy Ahmanet, who has no intention but to swallow the whole earth. The reboot of the original movie franchise led by Brendan Fraser will feature the ancient antagonist’s back story that is part of the Universal Monsters Cinematic Universe.

New teaser showed Ahmanet’s back story

In the trailer, Nick Morton (Cruise) happened to unearth Ahmanet.

However, as he is transporting the mummy, the plane crashed leading to his death. Later, he is seen inside a body bag and got resurrected to stop the evil villain from destroying the Earth.

In “The Mummy,” Norton is going to join Jenny Halsey (Annabelle Wallis) and Sgt. Vail (Jake Johnson) in a different kind of adventure to stop the Egyptian princess. “She will not stop until she has remade our world,” Dr. Henry Jekyll (Russell Crowe) warned.

In the tune of Rolling Stones’ “Paint it, Black,” the teaser also featured the time when Ahmanet is just going to become the Queen of Egypt. But, the twist of fate had changed when she killed the King of Egypt that led to her being buried alive.

Stars talked about the movie at 2017 CinemaCon

Moreover, at the 2017 CinemaCon, Boutella talked about her character as Ahmanet in “The Mummy.” “Playing a monster was really interesting to me and that the Mummy is a woman was interesting,” she said. “I think there is a monster in all of us. Playing a monster also terrified me.

It took a meeting to understand what an honor it was.”

The trailer has been first revealed at the said event in Las Vegas. Aside from the 34-year-old actress, other stars revealed that Cruise did a whopping 64 takes in zero gravity for the epic plane crash scene. Johnson narrated that they have jumped off the buildings and the former husband of Katie Holmes personally did it all. The said film is set to be released on June 9.