Currently available on VOD is one of the newest independent movies of 2017, “The Drama Club.” Made in the same vein as Movies from years gone by like “The Big Chill,” the 2017 indie-film is the second feature-length movie from writer and director Joe McClean.

Joe McClean’s first movie, “The Life Tracker,” received rave reviews from the critics and “The Drama Club” is likely to do the same. This reporter received an official screener of the movie; if you like nostalgic stories centered on complex emotions, then “The Drama Club” is for you.

The plot

It’s been 20 years since they met in their high school drama club, but teenage angst, egos, and sexual tensions are lying just beneath the surface waiting to show themselves once again. In a twisted maze of ex-lovers, old grudges, and new spouses, the friends face a complexity of emotions and memories.

The delivery

Thus far, the reviews have been largely positive for the movie with critics describing it as high-quality cinema and a must-watch film. The strong performances given by the cast outshines any of the flaws that “The Drama Club” may have.

Though the characters may not resonate with everyone, there is no doubt that a large portion of the audience will relate to the on-screen story.

The cast works well together and Liza Seneca gives a standout performance as Elle. The movie is at its best when the group of friends are contemplating different facets of life together; the dialogue feels real and brings more substance to the characters.

This movie may be too crude for some, but most feel that the raw dialogue helps add to the realism of the story.

Featuring an impressive score and soundtrack, the music of the film is as much of a character as anyone in the movie.

McClean’s direction offers some stunning sequences including shots—sparingly sprinkled throughout the film—where the adult characters briefly fade into their teenage character. This is one of those movies that is likely to take you down memory lane, for better or for worse.

“The Drama Club” is a story about love, friendship, loss, redemption, and rediscovering and reinventing yourself. For some characters, going back home was a friendly reminder of where they came from. For others, it was a reminder that nostalgic memories are best kept where they live—in the past. The movie is a bittersweet journey that will likely have the audience reflecting on their own lives long after the credits roll.

‘The Drama Club’ trailer

With solid performances, beautiful music, and positive reviews, “The Drama Club” is one of the most compelling independent movies of 2017.