The best Movies on Netflix aren’t always good for the nerves. Horror movies like Netflix’s “Hush” are great for a good scare, but it’s likely not suitable for an easy night of viewing. Some of the movies on this list are comedies, others are powerful stories with meaningful messages, and some are feel-good films, but they are all great for a relaxing night to calm your nerves.

Soothing movies on Netflix

  • “Moonrise Kingdom”: Chances are, if a movie stars Bill Murray you’re going to have a good time. This Wes Anderson story has all of his usual ingredients: a heartwarming tale, witty dialogue, eccentric characters, and a phenomenal cast.
  • “Scrooged”: It doesn’t have to be Christmas to enjoy this classic story. Another Bill Murray gem, this uplifting comedy is sure to put a smile on your face.
  • “St. Vincent”: Why change the theme? Bill Murray co-stars alongside Mellissa McCarthy and Naomi Watts in this sentimental story.

  • “Good Will Hunting”: In one of the most critically-acclaimed movies on Netflix, this powerful story continues to leave audiences inspired.
  • “American Beauty”: One would think that a movie about depressed teenagers, adulterous spouses, a man lusting after a high school cheerleader, and death, wouldn’t be uplifting—but it is. Though this movie has its dark moments, it ingeniously blurs a line between heartbreak and happiness; but by the end of the film, the latter is favored.

  • “Forrest Gump”: This continues to not only be one of the most popular movies on Netflix, but it’s one of the most popular of all-time.
  • “Big Daddy”: Many find Adam Sandler movies to be redundant, but he is at his best in the heartwarming story.
  • “Sixteen Candles”: The ‘80s was the decade of excess, bright colors, and movies starring The Brat Pack.
  • “The Fundamentals of Caring”: This Netflix original movie featuring Paul Rudd, Craig Roberts, and Selena Gomez, won over the hearts of audiences and critics alike.
  • “The Princess Bride”: Nothing says feel-good like a story about pirates, rodents of unusual size, a rhyming giant, and of course, true love. This ‘80s classic is perfect for those looking for a fun movie without any heavy drama.

From “Moonrise Kingdom” to “The Princess Bride,” some of the best movies on Netflix are perfect for soothing the soul.