Loyal fans of Emma Stone know for a fact that the 28-year-old actress is a natural blonde. Even if most of the iconic characters played by the "Spiderman" actress all involved a head of red, fiery hair, she is actually a natural blonde, which entails a lot of touch-ups every now and then. If there's an actress in Hollywood who is known for being able to rock different shades of Hair Color, the "La La Land" actress will definitely get a lot of votes. Recently, the actress was seen sporting a strawberry blonde shade when she was spotted in London attending the Audi Polo Challenge. However, reports reveal that the "Crazy, Stupid Love" actress has changed to another hair color, which has peaked the curiosity of the fans.

Is "The Help" actress preparing for another movie project? Speculations for a possible new project on the big screen have been circulating ever since the "Zombieland" actress was spotted sporting a lighter shade of blonde - platinum blonde.

From strawberry to platinum

During the AFI Life Achievement Award Gala, Emma Stone was seen sporting a head full of platinum blonde locks. Of course, she was rocking it like the rockstar that she is, but the major hair color has prompted fans to wonder if the actress is preparing for a new movie.

According to reports, Emma Stone has already been asked if her hair color change has something to do with a new movie role. However, the "Easy A" actress has reportedly kept mum on the reason behind her hair change.

If ever there's an upcoming movie, fans will just have to wait for further announcements.

Summer hair, don't care

If anything, Emma Stone's hair makeover might just be her way of getting fashion-ready for summer. The warm, beachy season is just right round the corner, so it's highly possible that the "La La Land" actress is simply making her look summer-ready.

Speculations that Emma Stone's hair change might have something to do with a new movie project is still up for confirmation. Fans are hoping for a reunion movie for the "Birdman" actress and her ex-boyfriend, Andrew Garfield. The two met on the set of "Spiderman," fell in love, and became a real-life couple.

The fans were really devastated when they broke up, and up until now, many are still hoping for the "Spiderman" stars to get back together.

This seems to be highly possible because Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield still haven't found a new partner after their breakup.

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