Hey, "General Hospital" people. We're going to see Jordan have to make a tough sacrifice in the new July 3rd to July 7th 2017 episodes. Also, major health issues will plague Sam! Valentin gives Nina a call at some point, Joss gets a warning from Carly, Jason receives misleading intel from Sam, and so much more. ABC delivered these spoiler teasers via the folks at Soaps.com.

Reruns for Monday and Tuesday

You guys are going to want to make note that in light of the July 4th "Independence Day" holiday, ABC has elected to just show reruns on both Monday and Tuesday. They're going to re-air the March 6th, 2017 episode on Monday.

On Tuesday, they're going to re-air the March 7th, 2017 episode. If you don't want to see those shows again, you'll definitely want to make other plans if you haven't already.

With that being said, let's move onto some better news. The show will be back in action on Wednesday July 5th. In that episode, we're going to see the storyline that involves Sam running into some health problems that will definitely become a serious issue. Will he be able to get them sorted out? Or will they continue to linger? These are the important questions for this storyline. It certainly sounds like some very dramatic scenes could develop from this situation.

Share his plans

Next, they revealed that Sonny is going to share his plans with Jason. How will Jason respond to this revelation?

It'll be interesting to see what happens with that. Elsewhere, they're going to show us a situation that takes place between Jordan and Curtis. Apparently, they will end up having a reconciliation moment. So, that sounds pretty good for them. In the fourth scoop for Wednesday's show, Nina will be the recipient of a phone call from Valentin. What will Valentin want to talk to her about?

That's the burning question for this plotline. They didn't give any other details about it. So, we'll certainly have to tune in to find out how that situation ends up playing out.

Lastly, they gave us a fifth teaser. It will feature Andre seeking out Anna for comfort. Will Anna give him the support he needs? We'll have to wait and see.

Health crisis

In the Thursday, July 6th episode, there's going to be a health crisis that arises. This particular crisis is going to force Jordan to have to make a sacrifice. What is this crazy health crisis? What sacrifice will Jordan have to make? Those are the big questions for this storyline. Hopefully, this episode will give us the answers.

Next, they revealed that Sam will give Jason some information that's very misleading. It sounds like this storyline will deliver a very intriguing scene. A second scoop was given about this installment. It tells us that Olivia will be involved in a situation where she misreads something that happens. So, that should be interesting as well.

Suspicious about a story

To wrap up the short week, we've got three spoiler scoops for the Friday July 7 episode.

At some point, Carly will warn Joss about something. Elsewhere, Monica is going to end up saving the day. They didn't mention how. So, we'll have to wait and see what that's all about. Lastly, Nina will be very suspicious about a story. They say that she's definitely going to think there is more to it than what she's been told. Stay tuned.

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