After splitting up with Taylor Swift last summer, Calvin Harris has now shared to the public his experiences in dating the "Shake It Off" singer as well as what he had to go through after they broke up. The 33-year old DJ and producer also expressed his regret of using social media to vent out his frustrations and anger at her ex-girlfriend and how it was the "wrong instinct" to succumb to.

Twitter rants

Shortly after splitting up with Swift, Harris actually went on a Twitter posting spree that was all aimed at his ex. Harris vented out all his frustrations on Twitter after it was confirmed that Swift's people had told everyone that she had written his summer hit song, "This is What You Came For." The DJ told Swift in several posts that she should just focus on her new relationship instead of tearing down her ex.

Harris also told his ex that if she was just bored because she wasn't on tour, he wasn't the type of guy she should be playing with and that he just wouldn't allow that to happen.

Admitting his mistakes

In a recent interview with British GQ Magazine, Harris admitted that his post-Breakup tweets had gotten a little bit out of hand. Harris also admitted to the magazine that he was simply just protecting his "one talent," which he felt was threatened by Swift. The breakup and the controversy were apparently too much for the DJ during that time. Harris also admitted that due to all the things piling up on top of him, he simply "snapped."

Public attention

In the same interview, the Scottish DJ also revealed that he never wanted any public attention when it came to his personal life.

Harris, whose real name is Adam Richard Wiles, even proclaimed that the end of their relationship was way more publicized than when they were together. During their 15 month relationship, Swift apparently understood that Harris didn't want their personal lives dto become a media circus. All was apparently well with them while they were dating, but according to Harris, after they broke up, "all hell broke loose."

The "Sweet Nothing" DJ ended the interview by saying that he and Swift were simply not right for each other and that they were just in the "wrong situation." Harris also seemed to be quite happy that it was all over.

As for Swift, the singer briefly dated the "Avengers" actor Tom Hiddleston after her break up with Harris. Swift then split up with her rebound guy after just three months of dating. Swift is currently linked to British actor Joe Alwyn, who she is reportedly now dating.

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