Hey, "Fear The Walking Dead" fans. It's time to tell you some things that are going to take place in the upcoming episode 44 of this current season 3. It turns out that we're going to see an unknown character arrive at some point. This person will eventually get caught up in the whole struggle over a very significant resource and more. This short teaser spoiler synopsis comes from AMC by way of TV Guide.

It's called '100'

They also revealed what the title of this installment is. It turns out that the producers decided to name it: "100." So, that is a very simple and easy name to remember.

According to their official description, there's going to be a mystery character that will arrive. They didn't mention anything about who this character is. We don't even know if this person is a lady or a man. That's how much of mystery this stranger is right now.

Search for purpose

Though they didn't tell us who or what this person is, they did reveal what they will be up to. It turns out that he or she is going to be in the midst of searching for some kind of purpose in their life. Judging from that description, it sounds like this person will just be confused and looking for some sort of cause to latch on to. We'll have to wait until this episode airs to be completely sure.

The big questions for this plotline is will this character turn out to be good or evil?

Who will they be drawn to? It sounds like this mystery guest could provide an interesting new addition to the story. Actually, it's possible that we could see a glimpse of this stranger in the new episode 4 preview clips that are expected to release later on tonight after episode 3 airs. You'll definitely want to be sure to check those out because they are going to certainly provide way more details than this really short teaser synopsis.

A key resource

Next, they revealed that it's not going to take long for this new stranger to get tied up in a current struggle that's going on. They say that this struggle will get started over a key resource in regards to the current apocalypse. Beyond that, they didn't provide any other details.

So, the big questions here is what is this key resource that has everybody all stressed out?

How does this new person get caught up in this major struggle for it? It sounds like we'll surely get some intriguing scenes out of this storyline. Again, it's possible that the new sneak peek clips for this episode could give something away. So, we'll certainly be looking for those tonight.

Alright, guys. That is all that we got from the AMC written synopsis for this week's episode. We're quite sure that this full-hour show will present a whole lot more scenes and storylines. So, you'll definitely want to be ready for that. We can confirm that episode 4 is currently scheduled to hit the airwaves next Sunday night, June 18 at 8 p.m. CT on AMC. Stay tuned.