Hey, "Bold And The Beautiful" fans. We've got some pretty intense-sounding spoilers for the upcoming week of June 12 to June 16, 2017. We're going to see Katie insist that she's not the one to blame for all the craziness that has taken place at the Forrester mansion. At some point, Ridge is going to bring up something that totally startles Brooke! Quinn is going to still be quite worried about her safety and so much more. These are official spoilers from CBS by way of Soaps.com

Katie tries to convince them

To get things started, we're going to go over the Monday, June 12, 2017, episode. In it, they revealed that we're going to see Katie try to convince whoever she's talking to that she did not cause the recent incidents at the Forrester mansion.

We're assuming she's talking to the police since they showed up in the June 9 episode to confront her. Will they believe Katie's story? Or will they lock her up?

Throw out accusations

Next, they revealed that there's going to be some more confrontation action between Sally and Steffy at some point as they say that Steffy will throw out accusations at Sally regarding Thomas. What will these accusations entail? How will Sally respond? Those are the big questions for this storyline.

On the Tuesday, June 13, 2017, episode, we're going to see a very interesting scene that involves Ridge and Brooke. They say that these two will have a run-in with each other that they're describing as being very "uncomfortable." This encounter is going to happen right after Brooke gets back from her honeymoon.

Very rattled

The second storyline that they revealed involves some more Quinn drama. Apparently, we're going to see her be very rattled and still feel like she is very unsafe. Will she ever get over these fears? Or will they continue to overtake her?

Next, we've got a few scoops for the Wednesday, June 14, 2017, episode. It's going to offer up another Ridge and Quinn scene.

In it, he'll be trying to help Quinn soothe her fears. In other words, he'll be trying to get her to calm down. Will he be able to make some leeway with her? Or will her fears just be too overwhelming at the moment? They didn't reveal anything else about that situation so we're going to have to tune in to see how it plays out.

Cease his actions

Next, they revealed that there is going to be another scene that will feature Liam in action.

He's going to be busy expressing that he wants Bill to cease his actions of trying to take over the Spectra building. Will Bill respect his wishes? Or will he keep up his acquisition efforts? Those are the burning questions for that particular storyline.

The Thursday, June 15 episode is going to feature a very intriguing scene that features Brooke and Ridge. They say that he's going to stun Brooke with an old memory that he brings up. The obvious question here is what is this memory that rattles Brooke so much. It'll be interesting to find out what it is. The second storyline scoop involves Eric making a vow to find out who's been threatening Quinn. That sounds like it could turn into something very intense.

Spread throughout town

To close out the week, we're going to see the Friday, June 16, 2017, episode.

In it, the news is going to spread throughout the whole town about the situation that went down at the Forrester mansion. Lastly, Quinn is going to come to a realization that has her thinking she has some consequences to pay for all the terrible things she's done in her past. Stay tuned.

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