Canadian popstar Michael Bublé appeared for the first time in public after he focused his attention on his Son who has been diagnosed with cancer. The singer revealed that he is thankful for his family every single day. Just recently, he took the stage and accepted the National Arts Center Award in Ottawa which was given by the Governor General of Canada.

To recall, this was his first Public Appearance after his 3-year old son became ill with cancer. On his heartfelt speech, Bublé thanked all his families. Further, he also became emotional as he described the situation that they had been through these previous months.

A family man

Apart from being a popular singer, Bublé is also believed to be a devoted father and a family man. He shared during his speech that his entire life has been inspired by how his family made him feel loved. He also thanked his wife, his children, his parents, and his sisters for all their support.

In recognition of his exceptional talent, Bublé got his award being a performing artist. Just recently, he made headlines when he canceled all his public appearances following the news that Noah, his son, has cancer. He also added that he felt humbled for the situation that they've been through.

Buble further said on Wednesday that he felt honored for being one of the musical representatives of Canada.

Further, he also thanked everyone for the love and support and for the pride that has been given to him every time he stands on stage and performs.

Noah's cancer treatment

A report from Entertainment Tonight has shared that Bublé's son now undergoes a cancer treatment. The report further shared that Noah has been into treatments since April and they expect that the recovery process will take long.

Luisana Lopilato, Bublé's wife, also shared that they learned to value life more when such illness hit their son. Lopilato also shared that her son's treatment will continue for a long time and he will also undergo several check-ups. Amid the health problems of Noah, Bublé's wife further shared that they are still very happy.

They will continue to look forward to Noah and all their children to grow healthy.

Several days after the family disclosed the news of their son's health, Bublé decided to cancel his shows back in December with BBC music director Bob Shennan. He also pulled out his hosting gigs in order to focus much of his time to his son.

Since then, Bublé only made one social media post about his son as he shared that Noah's treatment is doing positively.