Wonder Woman” won over audiences and critics alike during its $103 million domestic debuts a few days ago; we feel that it’s going to be the biggest hit this summer. With the release of “Mummy” film on June 9, 2017, everyone was expecting that this movie would give a tough competition to “Wonder Woman.” Unfortunately, “The Mummy” has not been able to touch the $100 million mark in its opening weekend. Instead, the film is receiving negative comments from critics and audiences.

Deadline reports that the Gal Gadot movie will take more than an army of Egyptian gods in coming days.

It means Tom Cruise and Sofia Boutella-starred movie will be beaten out by the DC Comics superhero. It’s easy to say that “Wonder Woman” is on its track to touch the $1 billion mark, and “The Mummy” is expected to gross up to $700 million during its theoretical run.

Weekend’s box-office report

Released this week, “The Mummy” features Tom Cruise and Sofia Boutella in the leading roles. Gal’s comic book adaptation from Warner Bros. is on its track to triumph over Universals’ tentpole “The Mummy” at the box office. Patty Jenkins is the first female director to bring forth such a fabulous project. With the smashing success of “Wonder Woman,” she has opened the doors of Hollywood for herself and will remain busy for months in her professional life.

Early projections revealed that “The Mummy” will gross something from $40 to $60 million in its opening weekend, while “Wonder Woman” was said to make up to $45 million in its opening weekend. The Gal Gadot film has earned $193 million at the domestic box office and over $300 million internationally. With its two week’s report, we can predict that “Wonder Woman” will take only a few weeks to touch the $1 billion mark – “Beauty and the Beast” earned $1.3 billion during its theoretical run, and is the highest-grossing movie of the year.

Summer movie season

While the summer box office season has already begun, Tom seems to have lost control of the “Dark Universe” as “The Mummy” did not impress the audiences. The film, instead, received negative comments from critics, and was expected to be the equivalent of Marvel’s movie “Iron Man” and DC Comics’ blockbuster “Man of Steel.”

Universal’s new movie has been developed with a budget of $125 million – though “The Mummy” will earn that much in only a few days, the film will not beat out “Wonder Woman” at the box office. It is currently being shown in over 4,212 cinemas worldwide, and “Wonder Woman” was opened in more than 100 major markets in the world.