TLC's Dr. Now has become the patron saint of lost causes, but, one of his patients on "My 600-lb Life" may be lost for good despite weight-loss success. After supposedly kicking opioid painkillers and getting gastric bypass surgery courtesy of TLC, its most-hated star Steven Assanti is back to blaming, bullying, and manipulating. In a now deleted video, Assanti accused the network of abuse, lies, and threats on his life. Is he just after his own reality television show?

Steven Assanti bites hand that heals him?

When Steven and Justin Assanti appeared on "My 600-lb Life," Steven made a name for himself as the most obnoxious celebrity that TLC has ever seen.

Dr. Younan Nowzaradan actually kicked the Rhode Island man out of the bariatric surgery program for blatant failure to cooperate and because he was so rude to staff. Assanti was in the news a few years ago for ordering pizza while undergoing treatment for obesity in another hospital. The 850-lb man had to live in his dad's truck after the program ejected him.

Steven Assanti makes many enemies

Prior to his "My 600-lb Life" stint, Assanti developed a YouTube following under the name FatBoyGetDown. He had a big social media following on Twitter and Facebook. Most followed him simply because they found him so repulsive. It wasn't the obesity but his nasty rants that upset folks. His latest anti-Megalomedia diatribe reminded folks of how the unemployed drug addict faulted the U.S.

healthcare system for letting him get overweight and then mocked American taxpayers for funding his obesity with food stamps and Medicaid.

Steven Assanti fails rehab

A psychological evaluation at a rehab clinic revealed that Steven Assanti was addicted to prescription opioid painkillers in a big way. In fact, the 34-year-old bragged about how he would call 911 for an ambulance.

He would tell doctors that his pain was over an 8, which would automatically qualify him for Tramadol or some hydrocodone injections. He would take home a prescription for oxycodone, vicodin, or some other opioid. Supposedly, this drug addiction was what made him so unpleasant.

Attention-seeking Assanti exploiting TLC, or just posting while high?

Steven said he got clean and lost weight for surgery on "My 600-lb Life." But now he plays the victim card and folks are questioning his recovery. The irony is that his Facebook page is full of positivity about weight-loss. He can grocery shop, and thanks Dr. Now for that. But, Steven craves attention. The exploitative Assanti posted a since-deleted video threatening to sue TLC for exploitation and abuse, even though the network is arguably responsible for his weight-loss. Assanti looks thinner but his modus operandi seems unchanged. Was Assanti posting whilst on drugs? Why did he delete the video? Is he just looking for a reality TV show? That's how his social media profiles read.