Chris Martin ended his relationship with ex-wife Gwyneth Paltrow back in 2014. Now, people are obviously eager to know the current woman who is getting the ColdPlay frontman's attention. Her name is Annabelle Wallis, a 32-year-old actress who has built a reputation in dramas and comic book films. She is British raised and was born in Oxford on Sept. 25, 1984. Wallis is usually described as an English rose due to her sharp blue eyes, fair complexion, and blonde hair.

Annabelle Wallis' upbringing

Despite the English bloodline, she spent most of her earlier years in Lisbon, Portugal.

Instead of a lady-like lifestyle, Wallis enjoyed awesome outdoor activities such as motocross bike riding, sports and paintballing. She would usually do these things with her brother. Moreover, Wallis attended Saint Dominic International School and later on moved to London so she could pursue acting. She came to this decision after realizing that it is in her blood.

Wallis worked with an agent who diligently sent her to auditions, resulting in Wallis landing her very first role in “East End Showgirl.” Since then, things were never the same again.

Wallis' famous bloodline of stars

According to The Sun, Wallis is the niece of veteran actor Richard Harris. He is an Oscar-nominated actor for his portrayals in films like the 1990s "The Field" and 1963's "This Sporting Life." One can never forget his role as Albus Dumbledore in the first two films of "Harry Potter." Unfortunately, he died in 1992 at the age of 72.

As if Richard's craft is not enough to astonish us, actor Jared Harris is also her cousin. He appeared in several stellar projects including "Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows," "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," and on Netflix show "The Crown" as King George VI. In addition to that, another relative is director Damian Harris who previously worked on the box film "Gardens of the Night."

Career and Love

Wallis will star alongside Tom Cruise in the upcoming reboot of "The Mummy." Her other projects include "Anabelle," "Peaky Blinders," "The Brothers Grimsby," "The Tudors," and more.

Prior to Chris Martin, Wallis was linked to Jared Leto. However, she denied this on Twitter saying she considered the "30 Seconds to Mars" frontman a friend. Martin and Wallis were first linked to each other in 2015. Adding fuel to the fire, the 40-year-old musician finalized his divorced in 2017.