Dina Mercheron has returned to genoa city under the guise of closing a business deal. She is really back in town to try to reconnect with her children. Unfortunately, Ashley wants nothing to do with her mother because of past sins. Dina turned Ashley's world upside down when she told her John Abbot, was not her biological father. Ashley must now deal with her past because it is front and center in her life.

Ashley's pain is ongoing

When Ashley found out her mother had cheated on the man who raised her, she was devastated.And to find it out after she was an adult, added fuel to the fire. Rather than try to mend fences, Dina left town and cut off all contact with her family.

Now she has returned and her sights are set on Ashley's daughter Abbey. On today's episode of "The Young and the Restless" Dina enlisted the help of her old friend Victor Newman. She wants him to build a bridge for her to reach Ashley and Abbey.

Dina's return is causing several Genoa City residents to relive ugly moments from the past. Jack had a flashback of his mother leaving him home alone when he was a sick child. he begged her to stay, but she thought business was more important. Ashley began to recall finding out that John was not her biological father and how she turned to Victor to heal here pain. Victor reminds Ashley that she did not initially tell him that Abbey was his daughter. He points out that both she and her mother lied about paternity.

Ashley expressed her sorrow at making such a bad decision.

Abbey and Dina

Victor spoke to both Ashley and Abbey trying to encourage them to bridge the gap with Dina. Abbey listened to her father and went to meet her grandma for the first time. Ashley pointed out to Victor, that while both she and her mother hid the true paternity of their daughters, only Dina abandoned her children.

Ashley is having trouble dealing with the ugly past that is staring her right in her face. Her bitterness thus far is affecting Dina Jack, Abbey, and Victor. Should she continue to hold on to the

Her bitterness thus far is affecting Dina Jack, Abbey, and Victor. Should she continue to hold on to the sins of her mother, Ashley will draw more people into her bitterness.

Fans of "The Young and the Restless" are expressing their dislike for this trip down memory lane. So the writers should wrap this up quickly.

Abbey really would like to get to know her grandmother, but does not want to do anything to jeopardize the relationship she has with her mom. Dina made the first move in asking her granddaughter to come to see her. Now the ball is in Abbey's court. It may be possible that she would bond with Dina, and with Victor's help persuade Ashley to forgive and forget.

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