It's all fun and games for celebrities like Lady Gaga, until a breakup or a heartbreak happens. Celebrities may seem to be in a different world from ordinary individuals, but when they experience a breakup with their significant other, things can get pretty sad and lonely for them too. Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney were considered to be one of the most promising couples in Hollywood. However, the two announced their separation after years of dating, much to the fans' dismay. After the breakup, the "Bad Romance" singer has noticeable shied away from the limelight, and the fans noted that there were some significant changes in her new songs.

Some took it as Lady Gaga's way of healing herself, a part of the process of moving on from the breakup. Apparently, the semi-hiatus brought in good vibes and healing as the "Alejandro" singer was recently spotted hiking with her new boyfriend, talent agent, Christian Carino.

Back to her old self

According to Entertainment Tonight, Lady Gaga was recently seen going on a hike with her new boyfriend in Montauk, New York. While it is all but normal for couples to take a stroll together, fans noticed that Lady Gaga was glammed up from head to toe and clearly not wearing hiking clothes.

While Lady Gaga's boyfriend seemed to be dressed in proper hiking clothes, the "Perfect Illusion" singer was wearing nude stilettos, high-waisted skirt, and a black, off-shoulder cropped-top.

It's still undetermined if the "Paparazzi" singer was unprepared for the impromptu hike or if she intentionally wore the outfit knowing that she can rock it even while trekking through the woods. If anything, the hiking duo still looked very much like a couple as they wore matching colors for the day.

Is Christian Carino the one?

According to Hollywood Life, rumors about a new boyfriend leaked when Lady Gaga was spotted kissing a mystery man at the Super Bowl field on February 9. The "Million Reasons" singer and Christian Carino then made headlines in March 2017, when the paparazzi spotted them going to Gjelina restaurant in Venice, California on Gaga's birthday.

They were pretty much low-key after the paparazzi spotting and their New York hike can be considered as one of the rare moments they were spotted again in public.

That said, it has been roughly three months since they got together, and the fans are wondering if wedding bells might be ringing soon. Christian Carino is already 48 years old while Lady Gaga is 31.