In a surprise move by Steven Avery's lawyer, Kathleen Zellner, requested a new trial for her client, filing a 1,250-page motion at the Manitowoc Country Court last week. The legal representative cited that she thinks she has an idea who the real murderer is.

The public prosecutor called out Teresa Halbach’s former boyfriend Ryan Hillegas as a person of interest who may have murdered the victim in 2005. She has mentioned a number of reasons why he might be the real culprit behind the controversial murder, reported by Crime Online.

Hillegas’ lies to allegedly save himself

Making a MurdererSeason 2’s main subject Steven Avery has been serving a life sentence for Teresa Halbach’s murder.

Kathleen Zellner, on the other hand, believes that her client is wrongfully accused. In fact, she thinks that the prosecution gets it all wrong. Her filed motion insisted Ryan Hillegas saw the victim on Oct. 30, 2005, but he didn't give any alibi about it, so no one could suspect him. However, it wasn't seen in the court's transcripts that he was even questioned about it.

The motion also cited that the person of interest had given wrong information about her former girlfriend’s vehicle, even though he was not being asked. In one point, he seemed misleading the police when he said that Teresa Halbach had damaged the front side of the driver’s seat before she even disappeared.

The retired FBI agent Gregg McCrary also said that according to Ryan Hillegas, she had filed a claim to her insurance, got the money, but never got the vehicle repaired.

Aside from that, he even gave a false name, Mr. Kligus, to conceal his real relationship with the victim. The police said that he misidentified himself to get access to Steven Avery’s property.

However, he had been allowed to enter the land's premises, even though it was under the police control.

His motive to murder Halbach

Moreover, Ryan Hillegas confessed that he got access to Teresa Halbach’s mobile phone account online by guessing her password.

The guy said that he just wanted to print out her phone records. However, a Cingular wireless network engineer Mr.

Zimmerman revealed that a number of the victim’s voicemail messages were seemed to be deleted. The suspect denied deleting any of it.

Lastly, according to reports, Ryan Hillegas had physically and emotionally abused Teresa Halbach during the course of their relationship. But, when she broke up with him, he got upset and was devastated. The motion also cited that he didn’t even want to leave her and still wanted to be with her.