Lionel Richie is known for his music for more than 50 years. He first embarked his career in music together with the Commodores group before he became solo back in 1982. He was also seen in several TV stints over the years of his career. Richie, being a legend of his music career, is believed to be a must-pick for "American Idol 2017" panel of judges.

The show producers have been eyeing the singer to lend his expertise in the next season of the TV series singing competition. It was believed that he already had a secret meeting with the bosses. This further leads to the speculations that he might join Katy Perry as the new judge of the show.

Legendary singer meets the producers

A report from TMZ has confirmed that the legend of music, Richie, met with the executives of "American Idol 2017" just this week over a two-hour meeting. Apparently, the producers love his bubbling personality apart from his expertise as a music legend. They also thought of him as a great fit for the show.

Other than Katy Perry, the third judge hasn't been named yet, and it sounded a lot critical. Nevertheless, the show's producers are already keeping an eye on Richie as a good addition to the show. On the other hand, it wasn't clear yet whether the show will still pick up Simon Cowell on this upcoming reboot.

Credibility in music

After learning the news that Richie was in talks for the TV show reboot, fans couldn't help but look forward to him in the TV show.

Many believed that his nature and credibility in the music industry would make him the perfect person for the role as a judge.

His expertise will be of great help for the aspiring stars in the show. Further, Richie will contribute a lot to these young contestants as they make their way to their dreams. Hence, if he will accept the offer from the series executives, then he'd be sitting along with Perry, who just sealed a $25 million deal in the singing competition.

To recall, Perry was believed to be the highest-paid actress who ever graces the reality singing competition. She was also reported to earn more than any man who had sat on the panel of judges. Her lucrative pay was also said to the reason behind Ryan Seacrest's thought of not signing the contract of the show up to this time.

Meanwhile, despite the issues faced by "American Idol" reboot, it is good to know that the TV show is about to air soon. Whether or not Richie will accept the job offer, the singer is yet to confirm the news very, very soon.