He might be the best husband for Kim Kardashian, but Kanye West still lacks something when it comes to taking pictures. At the Forbes Women’s Summit in New York City, the 36-year-old star revealed that the American rapper has little skills with regards to posting on Instagram.

The “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star narrated an incident where they wandered the streets of Tokyo, Japan, at three in the morning then she found out something about him. They were supposed to take snaps of her for her social media account, but she revealed that he was “not the best photographer” and even ruined her photo shoot.

A ruined photo shoot

“Kanye and I woke up at 3 am and we couldn’t get back to sleep,” Kim Kardashian said at the event, per Metro.

By then, the reality star decided to go to one of Tokyo’s town where there are a lot of bright lights they could use for a photo shoot. She asked Kanye West to take a few photos that she would share on her social media page for her fans to see. “It will look so cool,” she described.

The couple started the photo shoot, but she described the outcome of the pictures as a “mess” and even called his husband “not the best photographer.” In fact, she even told him that he would ruin how her account would have looked like with his snaps. Thus, they ended up stopping the shoot and just enjoyed their experience.

Choosing what to post on social media

Moreover, Kim Kardashian was asked at the summit how she chooses what to post on social media. “It’s such a struggle,” she said.

The mother of two – Saint West and North West – explained that she is not just posting everything she thinks of. Hence, it is not easy to just share everything to the public.

In fact, she wants her Instagram to have a certain theme.

She even feels the pressure on what to post, giving the example of their vacation in Japan, when, although all she wanted was a media-free holiday and to have a wonderful birthday trip, she just had to keep it up.

Promoting the use of social media

Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian also promotes the use of social media as an important tool to build someone’s brand.

It actually helps its users to be authentic and see what other people have to say. She even loves the conversations on Twitter and uses Snapchat to give her fans a glimpse of her everyday life.

Her husband Kanye West, on the other hand, deactivated all his social media accounts, claiming it is not good for him. According to an insider, he is actually not using these pages that much because it is not helping his “creative process.” “[He] is trying to focus on stuff that matters,” the source said.