Advertising fiascos seem to be all around these days, with marketing execs none the wiser as to how their actual ad could impact audiences. Case in point: teen star Chloe Grace Moretz was recently reported to be "appalled" as to how the marketing team for her new film "Red Shoes & the 7 Dwarfs" handled the advertising aspect of the animated film.

Chloe Moretz 'appalled' at how advertising was handled for her film

"Red Shoes and the 7 Dwarfs" is a remake — a film that takes the classic fairy tale "Snow White" and gives it a twist. That twist being the titular Snow White will not be the stereotypical "princess" type that the books and earlier films made her out to be.

The Snow White in "Red Shoes..." will be a teenage woman of higher than average weight.

This is a refreshing message, and already we can see how the film could herald new lessons of beauty not being restricted to those who are slimmer. And while this is indeed what the movie was aiming for according to Chloe, the marketing sadly overlooked a few rather problematic details with their campaign.

In a tweet by Kyle Buchanan, he referred to a Cannes billboard for "Red Shoes and the 7 Dwarfs," with a picture of the chubby protagonist and the caption "What if Snow White was no longer beautiful and the 7 dwarfs not so short?"

Cannes attendees certainly noticed, and model Tess Holliday was one of the many who slammed the ad on Twitter.

In her tweet she asked how the ad even got approved by the marketing team, and why it is okay to imply that being fat means one is "ugly" — leading others to call out an instance of "body-shaming."

In addition to these tweets, Chloe Moretz herself was "appalled" by how the marketing handled the advertising for the film. Being the voice of the protagonist, she would know what she's saying when she says that the film's story is powerful and even resonated with her; this is according to a report by CNN Entertainment.

She apologized for the ad campaign, saying sorry for the ad that was "beyond her creative control."

'Red Shoes' ad campaign discontinued

Those responsible for the film were quick to act when they heard of the criticisms, however. Producer Sujin Hwang said that Locus, the animation studio responsible for the film, has terminated the ad campaign.

They also owned up to their mistake, saying that their ad had the opposite effect of what they intended. In addition to these statements, they thanked the people for the constructive criticism that brought the marketing fiasco to their attention.