On Friday night, the "Wrecking Ball" singer, Katy Perry, sat down together with Dr. Siri Satam Singh for a live therapy session during her live-streamed show, the "Witness." During an hour-long discussion about mental health, the singer couldn't help but share her past struggles with alcoholism. She revealed that she was caught in between two personalities; being a pop superstar and being an ordinary woman that is loved by her families and friends.

Perry also admitted she battled an addiction to alcohol at a certain point in her life. Apparently, such struggle had led her to some Suicidal Thoughts.

Fortunately, she has been inspired to go on in her life by her own album titled, "By the Grace of God," which previously appeared on her album in 2013. However, she also admitted that she felt ashamed that for once, she came close of harming herself.

Regular therapy

Perry decided to win the battle of alcoholism and suicidal thoughts. In fact, she further revealed that she went through regular therapy sessions for five years. On the brighter side, Perry didn't fight the battle alone since her family accompanied her.

Further, she decided to move to Nashville from her usual residence in California. The therapies she went through helped her to overcome her past struggles, and she became even closer to her family. Despite her mental health struggle, the young singer decided to pursue her career in music.

Over the years of being misguided with her life, Perry admitted that right now she is going to reconcile her private and public image and go on with her life.

A stronger Katy Perry

With all the struggles she went through, the "Wrecking Ball" singer admitted that she is now stronger than before. There are still chances where she gets upset over her hair and the way she looks; yet, she explained that right now she is already inspired to improve her image.

Through her regular therapy sessions, Perry has considered her mental health a priority. She was teary-eyed during that live therapy session; however, Perry added that what she wants is to be her full and authentic self. Apparently, it has been the first time for Perry to share a deeper part of her life.

Nevertheless, most of her fans admired her for being strong and for opening up the dark side of her.

She has finally shared her side where most of her fans typically didn't see. Amid all the struggles, it is good to know that Perry is now a better version of her old self.

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