Grammy nominee Katy Perry is catching fire on social media after cracking a joke that coloring her black hair blonde was like former President Barack Obama getting replaced by Donald Trump. Immediately after, she was viciously slammed in several sites, especially on Twitter.

Social media app Live session

The "Fireworks" singer used a social media app to connect with her fans, however, at the end of the session, some of them may have alienated her unintentionally. While promoting her latest single "Bon Appetit," the singer started responding to live comments.

She noticed one who made a comment saying she missed her old black hair. It can be recalled that the "Roar" singer used to sport a long jet black hair and recently cut it and dyed into a short blonde look.

Rather than dismissing the comment, the singer sarcastically replied asking if the one who made the comment about her black hair missed Barack Obama as well, while she quipped that time has changed and bid her goodbye. She then started laughing and even turned to check on her friends apparently looking for their approval on her statement, which appears to be a humorous statement for her.

Viewers immediately took to Twitter their reactions and shared their criticisms over Katy Perry's comment.

Her statement was interpreted that she was comparing her black hair to Barack Obama as the Black president and her blonde hair to Donald Trump. Several others look at it as her way of saying that time has changed and we have to deal with the present circumstances in terms of hair and politics.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, one person tweeted that her comment about the former president was offensive and a tasteless appeal to humor.

One named DJ Scream made a hashtag Loser on his tweet and said that we can all do without the singer. There is another one who questioned her, on her association of black hair with Obama and said that she is canceled. Furthermore, another tweeted and said that the singer's Obama comment made her cringe hard, which she has not done for a long time.

Political association

The 32-year-old singer was known to be a vocal supporter of Barack Obama. In fact, she performed during the 2012 campaign and was at the White House reception for the Special Olympics in 2016.

In addition, the "Thinking of You" singer has been a very vocal anti-trump critic. She supports fundraisers and marches since the President was seated in office.Furthermore, the singer was an advocate of the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. She even designed a pair of shoes in honor of the Democratic presidential nominee.