Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, has always been an epitome of fashion and elegance. She is the woman that most girls looked up to regarding how she carries herself in anything she wears. Just recently, Middleton attended the sailing Roadshow on June 16 at Watersports Center in London. Everyone was wowed as she appeared in a white Zara blazer and a J. Crew nautical pants. The Duchess has carried herself effortlessly but still looking very beautiful and gorgeous.

Summer trends

Middleton perfectly sported the best summer trend that any girls would love to wear. Apart from being gorgeous of her attire, a lot had been surprised as she wore an affordable pair for the event.

She looked very elegant in her white blazer while pairing it with bluish nautical pants.

The Duchess of Cambridge simply looked so pretty and timeless of her fashion taste. She stepped out the roadshow in all smiles as she greeted everyone who attended the roadshow. Further, she also went out to greet the children in London. Middleton, who is an epitome of fashion, paired her outfit with tweed heels which she also got from a retailer store.

She looked effortlessly chic while her blazer was accented with gold buttons as well as her pants. Without a doubt, Middleton never goes out of style. She has always been a must-looked personality when it comes to fashion and elegance.

Royal patron organization

On Friday, London had a marine-themed roadshow which had been part of the charity event of British America's Cup team.

Middleton, who is part of the Royal patron organization, arrived in London to initiate a science-based treasure hunt for the children.

The activity was both attended by elementary and high school students. It had been their main goal to inspire each student to be involved with STEM subjects which will include science and technology, engineering, and as well as math.

The Duchess of Cambridge also participated in other activities like ocean plastics seabirds.

The event is meant to highlight the bad effects of using plastics to the environment. The 35-year old Duchess appeared in all smiles as she had been photographed smiling from ear to ear. She enjoyed much of her visit as she joined groups of children during their conversations.

Meanwhile, one of the students had given Middleton a bouquet of flowers which she carried with all smiles. Further, the kids were more than just happy as the Duchess joined their event.

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