“19 Kids and Counting” star Jim Bob Duggar received the most heartwarming Father’s Day greeting that could melt any father’s heart. The messages written on colored papers and paper plates were priceless.

Fans of the “19 Kids and Counting” family admired the creativity of the young Duggars in the official Instagram page of the family, photos showing the kids' efforts to show their love for their father were posted. In one photo, a compilation of written messages from Jim Bob’s four kids were shown. One of her daughters was captured holding a Father’s Day greeting written in huge letters.

A prayer list that parents can pray for their children was also shared.

Duggar kids made personalized greeting cards for Father's Day

A FATHER acronym was written on a paper plate along with other messages. One plate contained mini chocolate bars that one fan commented to be a sweet gesture. Twenty kids giving out their greetings to their father on Father’s Day seldom happens. Jim Bob Duggar is one fortunate father who has reared with his wife Godly and obedient children. Fans credit their good upbringing to Michelle Duggar who was a doting mother to all her children.

The married Duggar daughters turned to social media to honor their father according to Inquisitr. Jill Duggar Dillard posted her wedding day photo with her Dad.

In the caption she wrote that she is blessed having Jim Bob as her father. Jessa Duggar Seewald also posted her wedding photo on Instagram with a caption telling her father that she remembered the day he gave her up for marriage. Jeremy and Jinger Vuolo posted a video on Facebook greeting both their fathers.

Jill and Jessa Duggar honor Jim Bob Duggar on Father's Day

Despite his strict house rules on how his children should conduct themselves, Jim Bob Duggar’s children look up to their father. In Jill and Derick’s website, Jill Duggar wrote that her dad is an epitome of the ideal Christian husband that she also found in her husband Derick.

She also mentioned her father’s love for God and others. Jill also wrote that her father is an amazing grandparent.

The same way, Jessa wrote on her website a lengthy list of the things her father did for her. The list included those she remembered from her childhood, teenage years and even the recent ones. Her list mentioned the spiritual things that her father taught her.

Jim Bob Duggar is an amazing father in the eyes of his children. Despite his son Josh Duggar’s molestation scandal, he remained an ideal father to the rest of his children. He forgave his erring son but continued to support him and his family during their trying times.