Jesse James has been reportedly outed by his alleged mistress in a new cheating scandal with his current wife billionaire Alexia DeJoria. Hairstylist Myla Harris claims according to In Touch that she and Jesse James have been carrying on in a social media affair for the past few months.

Jesse James social media affair could cost him his marriage

Celebrity news followers will remember that in 2010 Jesse James was caught cheating with multiple women on his then wife, actress Sandra Bullock. Harris claims that she and James began their affair on the social media site Instagram messaging back and forth with some very racy detailed messages, several referencing specific sex acts.

Harris even claims that James had invited her to his Texas home, in which he lives with his wife on several occasions.

Sandra Bullock's ex-Jesse James non-responsive to new cheating accusations

Harris details their affair. She claims back on January 23, of 2017 she contacted Jesse and Alexia to invite them to join her and a group of friends for dinner before the Super Bowl. The hairdresser admits to having had a crush on James for some time after watching him on "Celebrity Apprentice." Harris has shared the messages with In Touch.

The messages reveal that James seemed to blow her off at first, but then requested she send him a full-frontal nude photo to assure him she wasn't some 'huge fatty." Myla, 33, reveals that she knew that James was married and that it was awful of her to engage with him in this way, but she claims she already knew what he was like after the highly publicized sex scandal of 2010.

She stated to In Touch that James, 48, liked what he saw in the photo and asked for another, which she sent. She adds that Instagram was making Jesse nervous and he asked her to move their exchanges to Snapchat where the messages could not be saved. Harris, a single mom admits to sending James close to a dozen naked photos of herself.

She also reveals that most of their conversations were about oral sex.

The relationship seemed to fizzle out before it was ever physically consummated but that was not for lack of invitation. Harris claims James invited her to his home several times but only on his terms, days and times. The two could never get their schedules to sync up.

Myla claims she last spoke to James in April and told him she could come to his house after six that day, however, James told her no because he had needed her earlier that day.

Myla alleges that she had some angry words with James calling him selfish and that he responded by blocking her on all of his social media accounts. This apparently irritated Harris more so she decided to get her revenge with outing Jesse on his dirty doings publicly by sharing her story with celebrity news magazine.

The magazine claims that contacted Jesse James and his wife Alexis for comment on the matter, however, neither have responded at this time. At this time it is not known just as to how James' wife Alexis has handled the alleged online sex fling, but, celebrity news fans have to agree she knew what type of person she was getting involved with before she married him.

What are your thoughts on Jesse James' recent alleged online affair?