Shawn 'Jay Z' Carter has a brand new album called "4:44" on the way this coming Friday, June 30th. Ahead of the 13th studio album release from one of hip-hop music's most successful artists and businessmen, a new advertisement was released. The latest ad video is now making the rounds online and is called "Kill Jay Z" which has led to speculation about what might be on the new "4:44" album that the rap star will bring forth in a few days.

Is 'Kill Jay Z' a song?

According to Hot New Hip Hop, the new commercial was released via Tidal on Tuesday evening called "Kill Jay Z.

" It's basically a 30-second black and white video that shows a young black kid running hard with a look of fear on his face. There is also an unknown instrumental song playing in the background during the clip.

This has led to speculation that "Kill Jay Z" will be among the songs on the new "4:44" tracklist. No song listing has been released for the upcoming album just yet, so fans may not officially find out until Friday when the album drops. The album is a Tidal-exclusive, and it's unknown if and when it will arrive at other digital music stores such as iTunes, Amazon, or Google Play Store.

Album promotion & release

Through recent creative promotional methods, the "4:44" album was first advertised via cryptic billboard signs and posters that popped up around New York City and Los Angeles earlier this month.

There were also banner ads that hit the internet for a "4:44" project coming from Tidal music service. A song named "Adnis" which is the first name of Jay Z's father has also been previewed in a snippet released ahead of the new project.

In addition to that, viewers watching one of the NBA Finals games that was televised on June 7th saw a teaser ad for "4:44." The commercial featured actors Mahershala Ali, Lupita Nyong, and Danny Glover.

The video ended by finally giving viewers a release date of June 30th for "4:44" which is exclusively on the Tidal streaming music service.

It's not the first time that Shawn Carter has released an album in an exclusive fashion. His "Magna Carta Holy Grail" album was released as an exclusive on Samsung phones via a special app that phone owners had to have to be the first to download the newest work.

The Jay Z "4:44" album release will make for his 13th on his legendary resume. Jay started with "Reasonable Doubt" as his first solo venture, which is considered a classic by many in the hip-hop genre. From there, he released other classics including "The Blueprint" and "The Black Album" and has now worked all the way up to this latest anticipated studio release. Will you be checking it out on Tidal when it arrives this Friday?