"Alaskan Bush People" Season 7 premiered on June 14 with a recap of what the family had been through in the past seasons. There have been a lot of rumors surrounding the Brown family, specifically about Ami Brown's health condition.

Update on Ami's condition

While many fans were disappointed with the first episode, the show promises an all-new episode next week. The preview clip confirms that "Alaskan Bush People" Season 7 would cover Ami's health condition, as well as Matt's recent accident. In the clip, the family brings Ami in the hospital. Ami tries to be optimistic, saying that they survived a sinking ship with babies, so she can handle her current condition.

"I'm tough," she told her husband Billy.

Billy previously confirmed that his wife is sick. It is not yet clear what Ami is suffering from, but rumors say that she has cancer. The family is reportedly in Los Angeles now as their matriarch is receiving treatment. Based on the synopsis for next week's episode, Noah was left in Browntown to take care of their home.

Matt's accident

The new season of "Alaskan Bush People" would also feature the recent accident involving Matt. The preview clip shows the crew calling a medic. Matt's head was bleeding as the responders put him into the ambulance. Last week, the reality star updated his fans that he is now recovering with his family.

"This year has been tough for us but your positive thoughts mean so much and keep us hopeful.

Thank you again," he said in a statement via the "Alaskan Bush People" official Facebook page.

Brown family leaving the bush

The Brown family is weighing in on the possibility of leaving their life in Alaska given Ami's condition. In the teaser video, Matt was talking to Noah saying that their lives are changing and they may have to pack up and leave.

Ami also told Billy, "We’ll shut the book on the forest, and we’ll open a new book." These suggest that whatever Ami is going through, it is serious enough to result in the whole family leaving Browntown.

Could this be the end of the "Alaskan Bush People"? Probably. But, it is also possible to continue the show as there are other things to watch out for the Browns.

Even if they leave Alaska, the show could focus on how they would be able to keep their way of life away from their home for three decades. Then there's the engagement of Noah and Rhain, who are already planning their wedding.

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