Jaime Pressly, the "My Name is Earl" actress and Golden Globe Award winner, has just announced that she is expecting twins this year. The actress recently revealed the exciting news on social media that she is pregnant and she and her long-time boyfriend, Hamzi Hijazi, are expecting twins.

Surprising news

The 39-year old actress recently posted a photo of her holding up a positive Pregnancy Test on Twitter. The photo also contained an article in People, where she talked about her experience of finding out about her new bundles of joy.

The "Mom" television sitcom actress revealed that she was actually very surprised when doctors told her he news.

Pressly explained that neither of their families had a history of having twins, which is why she and Hijazi were completely shocked that they were having twins.

New siblings

Pressly currently has a 10-year old son, Dezi James Calvo, who she had with her ex-boyfriend Eric Calvo. The actress revealed that Dezi has actually been begging her to give him a brother or a sister for the past couple of years.

This apparently started when Dezi was still in kindergarten and likely wanted to have someone to play with. Pressly also mentioned in the interview that Dezi was as excited as they were about the new babies and that Dezi is constantly kissing her belly.

The actress then noted that Dezi was going to be the "best little babysitter ever." Pressly is expected to give birth sometime around fall this year.

An answered prayer

In the article, Pressly also revealed that she and her 38-year old boyfriend have been trying for years to get pregnant. She also revealed that she actually wanted to have three kids in total, but her age was catching up to her and she never thought that she would reach that goal.

Fortunately, she got her prayers answered with the news of having twins as it will essentially negate the need of for another pregnancy. Pressly also clarified that they did not go through any medical procedure, such as In Vitro Fertilization, to get pregnant and that it just suddenly happened.

Pressly will be one of a number of celebrities that will be having twins this year.

In fact, George and Amal Clooney already gave birth to a boy and a girl, named Alexander and Ella, just this week. Meanwhile, Beyonce and Jay Z are also expected to have their new babies any day now. The sex of Beyonce's twins have yet to be announced and there aren't any hints yet regarding their possible names.

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