"Jane the Virgin" season 3 concluded this week, and with it came twists and turns and a (for now) happy ending for Jane's parents, Xiomara (Andrea Navedo) and Rogelio (Jaime Camil). Interestingly, the finale also dropped another hint at the identity of the "Jane the Virgin" narrator, who is only known (for now) as "Latin Lover Narrator." Over the course of the show, hints have been put into place by creator Jennie Snyder Urman, who promises to reveal his identity at the end of the series. Back in 2014, she told The Hollywood Reporter that she knows who the narrator is, and that he has a "connection to the narrative" and assured viewers that he is indeed a person and not God who is speaking from the heavens.

Throughout the show, the narrator has been there to help propel the story, even foreshadowing Michael's death in the first season.

New hint at 'Jane the Virgin' narrator's identity

During the season finale of "Jane the Virgin" this week, the narrator once again let slip a detail about himself, something that viewers don't get to hear about so often. He said, "And Xiomara? Well, she looked perfect. At least to the people who loved her most—which includes me." According to TVLine, this may imply that "Latin Lover Narrator" is in fact Mateo, Alba's late husband and Xiomara's father, who is speaking from beyond the grave and telling the story of his children and grandchildren. It would also be fitting that he would have a thick Latino accent, as he was an immigrant to Miami.

The Emmy-nominated voiceover actor behind the narrator, Anthony Mendez, also hinted at the identity of his role, telling Salon in 2016 that "I approach him where he’s kind of Jane’s spirit animal and, of course, a father figure. Over the past three years, he’s become the liaison between the audience and Jane."

Another theory: Narrator is a grown up Mateo

Over the last few years that "Jane the Virgin" was on air, fan theories as to who Latin Lover Narrator is have surfaced.

Some fans of The CW series explained that he is in fact young Mateo's grown up self. Bustle offered an explanation for this, reporting that his presence on the show is because he is telling his very own story through the stories of his family, beginning with the accidental insemination that caused his existence. Jennie Snyder Urman said in 2014 that "as we go on, we do experiment more and more with his point of view, and there is a link, but I'm not ready to get into it yet." However, she now hints that the narrator's identity will be revealed just as the series ends.

'Latin Lover Narrator' to be unveiled in series finale

Anthony Mendez told Salon last year that his role is "obviously connected to one or more of the characters" and that "there’s so many things that happen over the years that he is telling from a future point of view," which supports the theory that he is a grown up Mateo. Entertainment Weekly reported that despite not having a target series finale as of now, Jennie Snyder Urman already knows that Latin Lover Narrator's identity will be unveiled "at the end of the series. It’s not going to be a mystery. It’s part of the last two scenes." At least, fans and viewers of "Jane the Virgin" will get closure on that regard. The show will return to The CW this fall.