Nina Dobrev has been quite under the radar as of late when it comes to her dating life, and the actress has yet to confirm if she's ready to Fall In Love again following her short-lived romance with Austin Powell. While she hasn't been talking about the real score, the brunette beauty has been closely linked to her close pal and "Vampire Diaries" co-star Paul Wesley.

Amid rumors claiming that her relationship with the actor has reportedly become more than just friends, recent reports say that the "Let's be Cops" star is reportedly dating her new found love, and it's not Wesley.

Dobrev has always been bombarded with a bunch of dating speculations, so it is not known yet if the recent reports are true or just merely false claims.

Nina Dobrev goes public with her new man?

After being linked to a couple of celebrity names including Orlando Bloom and Glen Powell during the past few months, Nina Dobrev has been making frenzy in the headlines once again after recent reports have claimed that she has finally found her new love. The brewing rumors first broke out when she posted a photo of her with a man and another friend, which apparently debunked the speculated romance between her and the "Beneath the Blue" actor.

It turns out that the man on her photo is not her other half, but the actress's spiritual healer.

It's pretty clear how everyone is excited to see her fall in love again, but it seems like she's not yet ready to do so, especially now that she's been very busy with a lot of work waiting on the line. Moreover, Dobrev doesn't usually sugarcoat things when it comes to her life so if there's someone making her smile brighter; she would not hide it from her fans.

Is she ready to work with her former flame Ian Somerhalder?

In the middle of these various rumors, Ian Somerhalder has also been taking a portion of these dating reports thrown against Dobrev. The soon-to-be father has been married to his wife Nikki Reed for two years now after tying the knot in 2015, but his name and supposed to be private married life has still been frequently linked to his ex.

After the onscreen sweethearts shortly reunited in the final episode of "The Vampire Diaries" season 8, the duo has since been considered for a comeback project in the future. However, this also comes with a tricky question; Is Nina Dobrev finally ready to work with her former man again? Though she has yet to issue her statement, respectively, rumor has it that their powerful tandem as Elena Gilbert and Damon Salvatore can be reborn in a sequel story of TVD.

Is this true?

A bunch of theories and fan-made stories have predicted Elena and Damon's love story to continue in a sequel series following season 8. However, as much as their fans want to see these favorite characters reunite as soon as possible, it seems like the chance to get the series another franchise will remain a little blurry for now until The CW gives the green light.