Just a few days ago, news broke that “Teen Mom OG” Farrah Abraham had no interest in having additional kids. As those who follow the mothers in both MTV shows know, most of her other co-stars and the mothers on “Teen Mom 2” have all had one – or more – kids after getting pregnant at the tender age of sixteen. As controversial and dramatic as Farrah is, she’s never had any additional children.

Farrah slammed her co-stars

As those who follow the MTV shows “Teen Mom OG” and “Teen Mom 2” know, Farrah isn’t exactly a big fan of her co-stars. In fact, Abraham has the tendency to go out of her way to slam her co-stars at any given chance.

Unsurprisingly, the MTV star has nothing nice to say about the other mothers popping out multiple children over the years. Farrah, however, maintains that she has no interest in having additional children.

Pregnancy rumors

Despite the fact that Farrah had just slammed her co-stars days ago for their need to continue to have more children, the reality TV star has recently become the latest victim of pregnancy rumors. As those who follow the MTV shows know, nearly every one of the mothers has been the victim of pregnancy rumors at one point in time or another. One of the reality stars makes the mistake of sharing a picture on social media with what looks like a baby bump and the rumors start to fly. “Teen Mom” fans, however, tend to have a pretty good eye as it is not at all uncommon for these pregnancy rumors to end up being true.

Simon Saran shared a picture of Farrah sporting a bright green bikini as she was having a good time on the beach and fans instantly spotted what looked like the start of a baby bump. As those who follow Farrah know, she had Simon have dated off and on for years. The two, however, have both claimed to be single for the last few months on social media any time the question comes up.

Unfortunately for Farrah, fans firmly believe it looks as though the young mom might have a bun in the oven in the pictures.

Could Farrah really be pregnant just days after slamming her co-stars for having additional children? If she is pregnant, is she going to keep the baby? More importantly, would Simon be the father of the baby? At this time these pregnancy rumors are nothing more than just that – rumors.

Only time will tell if Farrah Abraham is actually pregnancy. One can only imagine what kind of drama the “Teen Mom” universe is in store for if she is actually pregnant again.

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